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Well I'm still recovering from the festivities. Here are some portraits I snapped over the weekend of some of the homies, and a little video garbage giving you a small taste of what occured.


barry fanilow....

Toby sent me these recently. Se what I mean about painting on randumb stuffs. Toby kills it. Enjoy!


some footage...

of the blueprint skateshred.



the backside boneless......

is a hard trick to do in a proper fashion . Most of the time people hang out on the coping like a concrete flamingo, thinking about their lack of whatever. My good friend Jaime on the other hand does them with sweetness. He used to live in Bellingham but has since made Portland his home. Jaime and I used to spend a lot of time on the shred sled together in the days of old. I miss you buddy.

Here is a photo of him I just found on the skateaz website. Mid flight non flamingo

moments later he dropped me camera. It still doesn't work right.


what a weekend......

it was for the ol body. I spent saturday and sunday skateboarding the spectacular parks in Port Angeles and Port Townsend. Both are finished like polished ivory, and both are just way to much fun. Huntz, Zakima, and Scotty came from Seattle for the weekend, while the guy in the sky and kemmeth made there way down from Bellingham. Everybody had way to much fun skating and creating mayhem in general. My buddy bobby, who built both of the parks, gave us floor space and lots of hospitality. Did I mention the mayhem. Well for starters Leon almost got arrested, our crew was 86'ed from a bar before we even showed up, and my nose is officially broken...... what a weekend.

me and scotty

big pimpin

toxic fumage

big time

Le Ron

the guy who broke my nose

scotty sorenson


little bear and bobby

the salmon slayer



another cam photo from Texas.

photo by Wes.



From Above

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- Nasty Nate


drunken tx post

well aye homies! Times have beeen good here in tehas but it still wouldnt be the same witoujt yall tortills. anybody that wants to come visit is welcome, im talkin to you: mal, jerod nasty nate kylwhaeeey, jihadf, fire, al, RNG, Rdubs...just let me know. Im wasted. can hardly see straight. got my wallet back though aww yaya. okay bye. BELIGDE CAMUEL


forget the boobtube...

youtube is where it's at. Old video parts are now abundant for our viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy.
John Cardiel, Dogtown video, 1991.

and his part from the thrasher skater of the year video.



Its great...

to be alive. The tortilla has got me hyped on looking through all the photojunk I have laying around from the years. Here is one such photo of Ryan at the bellingham park. It's funny shooting with Ryan. He generally avoids peoples cameras at all costs, but since we're brosef's, he is always cool with me stealing his soul. Sucker! Anyways, just another black and white, and another frontside air. Thanks buddy.

Ryan Williams


Mr. Jefferson...

When it comes to skate photography, anyone really interested in it knows about this dude. Anyone not really interested in it, knows about him to. Here is a link to a rad interview with the one and only Atiba Jefferson. Take the time to read this one. It's good. If you already saw it on the skateboardmag site, read it again.



i'm gonna try..

to post a photo of mine every couple days for the tortilla. Here we have The Heavy Metal Warrior flexing while Dirty Dan and his lady ponder his identity. Check out the link to his myspace.

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hope you enjoy the new layout, and the photos to come.


this weather....

can really make you spend a lot of time in front of the ol' computer. Ebay, skateboard sites, craigslist, ect. And then there are the countless video clips on my hardrive I start to fumble thru. theres a lot of crap that just isn't gonna be used for anything accept slowing up me computer, so I decided to edit a dumb short of camuel skating with a small amount of some of dem clips. nothing special, just some tortilla skate action.

On Another note, Ryan, Leon, and I embarked on a skate trip down south on sunday where it wasn't wet!
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I left Mr. P at home, but was still showin him my love!
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We stopped by woodinville on the way. I really love this place. Everytime I go there I have a good time.
After that we continued down the 405 to the Crossroads bowl in Bellvue where we met up with Zakima and James. No people, no rain, super stoked.
Right next to the park there is my favorite store: Beverage and Smoke. Its so classic. A huge selection of beer and tobbaco and a assortment of throwing stars, knumchuckas and brass knuckles.

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Road return sodas were purchased and back north we headed!

cams leftovers:



totally blowin it!!!

I don't know what the giggles I was thinking, but I started a meattortillas myspace today. Its pretty boring but im busy, so give it some time. Anyways, I must be outta my mind due to a lack of the skateboard. Whatever. Do virtual communicators need virtual friends????
Hurry, go enjoy a coke and turn off your computer before its to late.



Cam Photos!

Camuel sent me these photos from his visit down in Texas.
frontside 180 into de bank

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backside flip

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all photos by: Shawn Collie


get, get, get er done!

This post is coming a week or so late, but ive been busy. Work, spoon, skate. We all have commitments. Last week was Angies birthday. If you don't know who Angie is, she is the one who does our good friend Ryans dishes and has also been known to be very patient with the derilict type company he tends to keep. Anyways we spent the evening at the bartender at Rumors bar! Super happy and super fun!

Here is our good friend Mr. Kemmeth Parriot @ work.

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Drinks our always abundant for the homies at this happy place, so naturally shred ensued.

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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the next day began with leon and I on a mission to value village....

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....and ended at a barn, hanging out with cows........What could possibly be upstairs?
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thanks again to the bartender at the happy place.



Planet of the Autistic Sasquatch

So a good ol friend of mine is getting married soon. Pretty rad. He and his best friend have been together since ive known him. Most of you probably don't know this guy. He goes by the moniker "autistic sasquatch" from time to time. He is a avid artist specializing in painting objects that most wouldn't and has been involved with skateboarding longer than a lot of you kiddies have been alive. Scully Bros. anyone? Anways, dude doesn't come around much anymore, spending most of his time working and painting, really, which he deserves the combination of the two. He recently sent me emails of some new pieces he did for a show in socal. Planet of the Apes gone wild! He probably has produced a dozen or so since these. Anyway here is a small look into the mind of the Autistic Sasquatch.

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Canvas in Thrasher from 04' and my first published photo!

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If you want to contact him leave a comment here or email him at : tobystanger@comcast.net
I'd say give him a call but he never answers his phone. Later!!!!


look out!!

I'm a bad skateboarder. I don't pretend to be good or even smell like it. Everything that I have learned came with a lump here and a bruise there and for some strange reason the learning has all but ceased and the bruises continue. Every so often however, you run into people with the natural ability to skate. I had the good fortune of hooking up with two such people earlier in the week to skate and film and it was rad. These two guys are brothers from the border town of Lynden. One is 12 and the other 16 (sorry guys if im mistaken). I haven't seen such good, consistent skateboarding in quite some time. Anyways, here is some stuff i filmed with Tyson and Troy within just a couple hours of skating.

Thanks you guys for reminding me how polite and ego-free young skateboarders can still be.


trials and tribulations

Hey there friends. Over the next week or so I'm going to make pictoral entry of all your bruises and bails. So send me photos of your scrapes and black and blues to: jradius@hotmail.com
No humongoloid files please. Make it happen slackers.


poor Mr. P

This morning I woke up to Mr. P asking me why Cam hadn't been around lately. I explained to him again, that he had gone to the farm for a little while but that he would one day be back. Anyways, he responded with a howl and he asked me to see this footage of him and Cam frolicking in the streets just days before his dissaperance.



ATX update

Hey, I made it to Austin an all but check this homies. I got kicked out of the first party I went to for trying to grab a beer, and I was not drunk at all. Its not really worth goin into detail about, the people were total fucks and i was actually phsyced. This isnt much of a story but how could you kick a sober Cam out of a party? Ah well, im gonna go skate in some sunglasses now.



photo from last summer... port townsend skateboard park


Later yall...

Alright all yall out dere. This is Cam sayin see ya to all the shington friends. Im goin to Austin tomorrow and I shant be back till summertime. I dont have a digi-cam but ill do my best to post worthyish things on the tortill. This video kinda sums up what ill be doin there....BYE



Today was pretty awesome. First of all I just had christmas with the T-bird. So stoked. New pair of shoes, a sick poker set (ceramic chips son), Brad Stabas photog book and some new camera gear. Thanks Terra, your the best. Anyways prior to a late christmas blowout I spent a few hours down at the "2 bucks please ramp". Jimmy did the sickest ollie one foot fakie, dominick did, ollie crooked grind shuv out, and pretty much everyone was having a good time without any king cobras hissing there way through everyother run. In case you didn't know, Cam is leaving on Monday so hang out with him before you can't. He, Ian and I spent the early day skating around the southside. Cam got down on a straight up gnarly pole jammer, while Ian got siked for a day to come real soon. Anyways thanks to all the kooks who didn't show up to the ramp tonight, and thanks to all the blasters that did. Happy New year, and good night.

Enjoy a Meattortilla with Cam
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Happy New Year!

I wish I had something fun or new to say, but the weather is still crummy and skateboarding has been a bit minimal. However, this is kinda funny...

-Nasty Nate