original content this year!!!!!

another night at camp ramp........thanks for the indoor enjoyment Mr. Carlson.

happy new years eve.  hope 2012 was rippen.  here's to 2013.


from the tap....

ben colen has a bunch of photos from 2012 up on crailtap.  i thought the one of raven was photoshoped.  guess not.  both are crazy.

another boring poach.  original content next year.

the rain that........

never hits the ground.  these boys are rippin.




just listen.....

when you take photos you naturally see things in yer head.  composition, lighting, colors and such pop into yer brain and you know what will make a pleasant photograph.  Most of the time, the skater your trying to shoot does not see things in the same light or generally doesn't care.  The hard part is, talking them into going with your idea.  Sum guys have grown to understand yer vision usually werks out and they listen but most of the time its a little but of a ho hem.  Anyways, this was one of those days.  i had seen this spot walking mr. P on numerous occasion, seen the pallets laying around and this photo had popped into my thinker.  that night we had hit a few spots and i dropped the idea of going here and making this pallet hip and like i said the fellas weren't quite feeling it or seeing what i saw.  Once we got there, started pushing crappy wood around and skating however, everyone got stoked and i got the photos i had envisioned.  The photos you want do not generally come easy.

zack harbold.  fruntside flip.

zac garza.  lipslide.



times are tough.....

the enconomy's hurtin, it's the holidays and we are all broke.  So when new years eve comes in a couple weeks and yer lookin to bring in the new year a little extra JAZZED do not, i repeat, do not take this route to make yer plans a reality.

yes i posted this in 2006.  was browsing back thru the archives and felt it needed a repost.  Try that sumtime.  theres sum funny stuff.  hard to believe i have been doing this blog for over 6 years now.  Thanks to all who check and have been checking it out over the years.  heres to you compadres!

jeremy miller, circa 2005.

p.s.  cocaine is complete garbage.



just found a rapper.......

coloring book online.  if you were wundering what to get the guy who brings you all the sweetness that is meattortilla for xmas, look no further.  thanks in advance.

rap coloring book



seeing as it's nasty out........

here is a couple more poachies from the good ol net to occupy yer inside time.

Adidas just put out this feature of the whole team ripping around NYC.  Super good.  Rap kinda got to me, but the cinematography is top notch and the i'm feeling the high contrast post.  Mark Suciu is on the team now and finishes the clip with sum crazyness.  Peep the fakie flip into the famous ledge to bank!!

I also stumbled across this video yesterday.  Its a bit longer.  45 minutes but werth all your time in my opinion as its more of a story than a skate video.  Filmed and edited by one of the best, French Fred, its a story of a bunch of fellas touring across New Zealand on bikes with skateboards in tow.  A really good watch.

and lastly, DIY seems to be the norm these days.  thank god for that.  guess this rad little creation is already ripped out.  thats the way it goes.  build it and skate it as long as you can. 


i have now made it .........

through the new gurl/chocolate "pretty sweet" video 1.5 times.  In all honestly that's probably gonna do it for me.  I have all the respect in the werld for the boys skateboarding and Ty, Aaron, Roger, and Fedz are holding down the frunt lines in the cinematography world of skateboarding and action sports for that matter.  The video though is well,,, boring.  I cannot relate to it and it does nothing to help me get out the door and go get a rip.  So when Thrasher and Enjoi put out a new flick today, "Tweak the Beef" i was hyped.  The enjoi camp always entertains and always will undoubtedly show you the fun in skating minus the overplayed intros and dramatic slow mo's.  So have a peep.  "Tweak the Beef" will make you wanna go skate and certainly bring a smile to yer face.

louie bartletta!
ben raemers!
caswell dingle!

just to name a few..................

louie does a fruntside invert on the sacramento bank wall just to spoil a little bit of yer experience.



pizza party!

so last saturday the pizza party/skatejam in the un occupied warehouse was super fun.  a lot of homies showed up, there was free pizza and sum good d.j.ing and sum bad d.j.ing.  Anyways, i shot sum photos and video as i always do to bring you the stoke on the tortilla.  Lets hope for more of these to come.

johnny matarazzo.  flip fakie.

flash didn't fire, but johnny with a kickflip late shuvit.

julian secora.   cool kid.  kickflip

the fella responsible for bringing you these events and pushing towards a permanent facility in this town, Chach Law.  outta focus frontside flip.  thanks buddy for all yer hard werk.

julian again.  hardflips.  different points of view.

alex gardner. fakie halfcab heel.

Mr. Okra.  no-comply.

and sum moving pictures as well:



i poached this photo....

of jaime weller rippin this pool of the USURPER SKATEBOARDS blogsite.  jaime just sent me a board and sum shurtz.  good looks homie.  keep rippin!



portland lurker, elias parise made this film documeting the indoor skateboard scene as of late in the great city of portland oregon.  short and sweet.  give it a whirl if you please.



last weekend there was a skatejam/pizza party....

in a warehouse.  a bunch familiar as well as unfamiliar faces came out.  i will have a little media spot of the night in a couple hourz,  just gotta log and edit the footage.  photos are all done.  stay tuned.  gonna be a good one.    i hope.

one of those unfamilar face.  his name was Julian and he killed it all  night, here with a hardflip.  super  nice kid to boot.
check back soon for a grip of photos and video.  if i remember correctly, i got quite a few clips.



seattle footy outtakes......

heres a little visual turd to accompany the post from a couple weeks ago.  thanks to moondoggy for filming while is was shooting photos.  I'll be back soon.

dudes in order of appearence:
chris cope
richie mon
brick strait




so the setup from last weekends skate jam is still standing strong.  The tueday night jam, usually held at another location was moved to the new and pending warehouse.  When we showed up the usual cast of characters was criss-crossing lines down the seemingless endless corridor full of obstacles.  With knee still in mends (will it ever get better) i set up and took a few snaps of the boys shredding the new spot.  If its still going next tuesday i suggest being there and the werd is, there will be another jam their this saturday with best trick, ect ect. so check the flyer from the below post for directions or hit up the Unknown Boardshop for info.  get it while it lasts, cause in this town...........  Also, help by contacting Chach @ The State Of Grind to help donate, see how you can help or whatever so we can have a permanent much deserved indoor in this town.


the gingerturd busts out a little dance on top the pyramid.

seamus, frunt nose

 Chach Law, nollie backside big

eli hare.  backsmith

al sandlin. fruntsmith

johhny matarazzo.  backbluntslide

the ginger.  switch crooks.

johhny matarazzo.  kenny reed kungfu tre flip.

see you guyz next week.



just a boat......

headed back out to the olympic pennisula last weekend to spend time with my family.  in case you were wondering the reason for the constant trips, my papa bear ain't doin so hot.  Although we were never close i feel the time is now to get it before it's gone.  As ive gotten older the realization of just how much my folks have done for me is unimaginable.  We don't unfortunately all come from similar backrounds, but wheter it was yer ma or pa or both that helped make you whom you are today, slip em sum skin, help dial in their yard, or treat them to sumptin nice like dinner.  you won't regret it till it's gone.

o yeah,  boring pictures of boats,

this would be one sketchy dropin.  immediate slideage to avaoid being washing away into the straits.  sumones got it and prolly already has.


mellow run out.  you got this.

Im leaving bellingham tonight or tommorow morning to head back out.  Maybe gonna stop in seatlle for a day if the homies are avaiable (hit me up).  If you have any interest in spending a few days out on the beatiful Olympic Pennisula you should head out and come join me.  Mountains, surf, forestz, concrete a plenty.  come make a trip.  I will show you our sacred tree house.......and other bits of local knowledge.




this kinda thing never happens in our small town.  is it a sign of new things to come??  i sure hope so.  This evening there is a skate jam in a new warehouse whose occupants havn't moved in yet.  It turns out the landlords son has let a group of people assemble a small army of obstacles in the space for the night (and hopefully longer...)  I'm outta town so go get sum for me and have fun with all the budz.  The place is seriously huge and the ground is o so buttery.  gonna be a real good time.  I stopped by last night to check out the progress and strapped on my tool bags for a bit and helped out on a little construction.  be there!

 not sure about the flyer title.......matt frenchs' brain at it's finest.

as you can see, plenty of stuff to skate so far.  this as last night and supposedely they were gonna build more all day.  hey down southerz.  might be werth making the trip up north for this one.