La Conner..............

skatepark opens today.  one more park a little closer.  well a lot closer.  Just a nice scenic drive down chuckanut and were there.  super hyped.

in other exciting news, i got a invite into the all city showdown this year on saturday.  gonna be a fun time.  Team tortilla is unfortunately down the ginger due to a mushed heal, but jihad is gonna fill in in his place, along with Cam Barrett and Brick Strait with me on camera duties.  See all you seattle homies this weekend.



2 more members of the........

tortilla army went permanent last night.  i also gave my first tattoos.

the ginger.  self application

"ok so you really want me to do this"?  it was really fun.

al enthusiastic as ever.

random bloody photo from last week.




left photo:me
right photo: youtube user- BELLINGHAMHARDCORE.



here is a little edit from 2 days 2 weekends ago.  wild and craziness courtesy of the ginger, seamus, al, trevor, garza, brick and dom.



there are a lot of ways........

to slam on a skateboard.  Thrasher magazine has a pretty rad article with sum funny illustrations breaking down a few of them.



sorry.  didn't really wield the ol vid cam to much this day.  super fun day with the pals either way.




heres a handful of pics i snapped from the festivities this last weekend benefiting the coalpad skatepark.

super good times with all the homies.

tofe and I.

daniel, aiden and tofe.

chach and his winnings.

brice came to town for the events.

al and joey.

al, cam and i.

brice and jenny next day at the park.


man down.

jon aguilar.

ted fred.


super suprised to run into my old partner in crime and long time ripper. adam sanchez.

the kids these days.  this young buck was 12 and was blasting 5 ft. airs all over the place.




jon aguilar.

judo air.



this sunday is the skatejam and coal pad benefit at the bellingham skaeboard crapditch.  I think everything starts at 10 a.m. if you plan on registering and whatnot for the competition side of things.  Personally....... i wouldn't bother.  ive already paid off the judges in weed cookies, so i'm a sure fire shu-in for first place.  see you there.


so i aquired my first........

digital point-and-shoot.  After sum forgetful human left it at my place of werk and after an appropriate waiting time for that human to claim their device, i became the new father.  I have only used it one day but its pretty rad.  why?  you could care less about what you shoot and the little bugger takes HD video.  Did i mention it has a Carl Zeiss lens (for you camera turdz).  Anyways i'm happy to add another soul stealer to my arsenal.  Get ready for a whole lot of meaningless/skilless digital crap.  enjoy.

started the day off with sum bass fishin with ryan.

one hell of a co-werker, paul davis.

mr. fuckin cool and casual.

cameras got a pano-function.  why not?

this spot at the park gets more action these days than any of the cement.

me and seamus were sittin on the coping.  next thing i know this is his scenario?

"gotta do what ya gotta do"

after the park it was off to my house for grillinz and horeshoes.

of couse al was there.

i gotta lotta luv for these two shitterz.

pano gone tripo

don't wanna mess with the mr.'s skunk.

spread #1 of about 5.

i came up with a term......we formed a gang.  watch yer back   S.P.D.

the ginger is in.

and so is the shief.




this is simple beauty...........

everything from the song to the union of these two wonderous souls.  a truly perfect wedding and day.




5 or 6 years ago, i busted my collar bone really really bad.  The weather was just starting to get nice, i had recently lost the love of my life and i could no longer skate.  I guess you could say i wasn't dealing with it very well as far as being constructive goes.  During these doldrums however i started doing my first concrete pours.  I would mix 2 bags of quickcrete at a time in a bucket and hurry them down to the park and ride by my house and lump them against the barriers one load at a time, mixing, pouring and trowling all with one wing in a sling.  Well the product of maybe 5 of these solo missions can be seen on I-5 and Fairhaven parkway.  I haven't skated it in maybe 3 years until yesterday and as you could imagine, it was a good ol time.

here is a photlage from the day with me, bj. and zac (thanks for resurfacing the idea)