i'm not sure whether or not..........

you have delved into the current situation regarding the "occupy movement".  i myself have'nt dove to deeply but i do understand what these protesters are concerned about and why they in fact are.  Regardless of the state of the country and collusion of big-business within or economic systems, skaterboarders are gonna continue to do their thing.



more awesum from alex......

from the creator of B.S in p.a. comes a couple more videos of complete truth.  Bettet than true blood and lost combined. 

nothing has changed in the werld of jihad.

and a hodgepodge of radical from shington and oregon.

keep em comin alex..

sum times the best represtentations of the northwest come from those not from here.  maybe they appreciate it more since it hasnt always been spoon fed.



for a canidate to film a day in the 'whatever' with.  hit me up while the weather is good.  doit doit doit.



virgin trip to Delridge.  sea-towns newest......



the importance of family.......

today was a special day. my dads been quite sick. he was finally able to make it outta bed and up to b-ham where i suprised him with a tour of the skies of whatcom county. warmed the dickenz outta me blood pumper. a big thanks to kyle martin for takin the time to make this special moment happen for me and my pops.


email of the good.........

my friend bryce pointed me in the direction of a clip of him rippin.......



Harvest Gnarfest..........

its that time of year again and teamtortilla will be in attendence.  see you there.

the edit i made from last years action:



hip hip hooray!

sam cole is now the new world record holder of the world record holders!  way to go buddy!

just plain amazing!


b.s in p.a.

tortilla homie, alex sent me this rad video he made of he and bricks adventures out in bricks homelands of port angeles.  pretty much sums up life out there.  how do i know?  thats where i grew up to puto.

b.s. in p.a.



the nose, frankly speaking.........

skateboarder magazine has a rad little write up and a grip of video clips from the years past of one of skateboardings finest comical dirtbags.  None other the one and only Frank Gerwer!     check it out bro!



one of the best things on de net.



self filmin with a point and shoot was never this fun.