be warned.....

I talked to my buddy today of Dreamland Skateparks and he told me he's coming up in a week or two with a crew. A sick park is on it's way and soon. O yeah; ladies, run and take shelter.



Cam blabs

Hey shington homies! I still check this tortill on almost a daily basis and it gets me "stoked" to return to the evergreen state immediately pending sunny weather. Party photos, homemade skate boxes, handrail sacks in the rain.... good to see this site is kickin ass. Wish I had me a digi-cam so I could contribute more than these stale words but ahh well. Its been almost three months ive been in Texas. Heres some noteworthy things thatve happened; Gave myself a bad haircut which is still unfixed, got a job at a pizza joint but quit it in a week and a half cause it was cuttin in on precious shred time, got to skate with ricky oyola for a few days, got bit by my crazy neighbor lady, did some diy concrete work though it got busted. Theres prostitutes that knock on my door and ask for cigarettes (they havent figured out that I dont smoke yet). Livin in the hood... Well thats about it I guess. Skatin with the toebock crew this weekend, and then im goin on a two week road trip through Louis-e-anna- and other fine fine states. Alright bore ya later, yall drop me a line anyway ya like if ya like.... -Poobreath


this weekend.......

was so rad. Scotty and Zacima came up from seattle so naturally things were going to be good and bad. We went to a good ol' fashion houseparty were Todos Somos Lee played their first show and they ruled!!!! Saw some old friends, good times, good times.

edgars sighting

todos somos lee

keegan and Dan

kyle and emily

zacima, uncle jessee and kyle

Then of sunday I hosted a meattortilla BBQ/skatejam. The weather cooperated and food and beverage were consumed. I gave a Matt French painting away as a prize in a Best Line type of comp, and Charlie took it hands down. Keep a ear open for the next jambq happening real soon.



o yeah.....

i just uploaded some footage i put together a few years back of captain booya.



weather permitting I'm having a meattortilla BBQ @ mi casa. Calling u guys to join. We need rails, boxes, curbs, quarterpipes, ect. Sorry no crackpipes. The street i live on is smooth and low in traffic so the idea is to skate. There is going to be a lord of the lines contest. If you are interested in coming email me @ jradius@hotmail.com for directions. A couple dollar donation is suggested for food and bevies, if your broke come anyways.



I just watched......

the whole sundiego shop video "ON DISPLAY" via skateaz and its pretty cool. Here are two of my favorite parts.



heavy metal........

baghdad. This is a crazy story worth watching. Regarding the last post, well it's simple. I like yetis and I like pop music. Hope you hated it.



I skated around.....

Bellingham with Ian, Leon, and Kemmeth today. We got hasseld by the Po-lick my balls while skating the wedge. After taking all my information, they asked me if I had any distinguishing tats for identification purposes.???? I said "no", but that I was half-chinese if that might help them identify me in the future. Bike cops serving Bellingham. Whatever, saturdays saint pattys and JK's band Todos Somos Lee's first show. Here is Ian shredding today.



in case you were wondering......

this is apparently what rollerblading is really about. I am jealous of the tennis net thingy, but I really feel bad for these guys.



tuesday gave me hope.......

that it will one day be warm again. Ryan, Fleebags, Kemmeth and I spent the day shralping Arlington. Nearly 70 degrees, no kooks except the normal arlington grummets, plus the homies equated for a damn good time. Here is some dumb garbage I filmed from this last week skating with the friends around bellingham and tuesday at arlington. Spring is almost here. Tommorow will bring us a extra hour of daylight, but don't forget to set your clocks back. If anyone wants to meat up in the next few days drop me a line. skate skate skate.

o yeah, Tony Danzig whales! VIA D.T.T.W.G




this is fucking FUNNY.



Fourduos is a Texas skateboarding website. Each month they release a new montage of texas skaters. This month you can see Cam Barrett in action. He has three tricks atound the 3 minute mark. Enjoy....

-Nasty Nate


Dear friends.......

this is why you should never ever take LSD. Thank you for doing yourself and us a favor.



fun with macbook...

and its photobooh application.

-captain booya




-and a random insert of bliss.....