on the film tip...........

last night i decided to tackle the tedious chore of going through and organizing all the different droors that live in my computer desk. It was about a 3 hour process of cataloging mini-dv tapes, going throug paperwerk, untangling random usb cords, ect, ect. I also stumbled upon a whole bunch of different film formats one being a roll of slides that were none other than Scala (agfas black and white slide film). I think i only shot one roll of this in my life, but man, now i want to shoot more.

Cam Barrett-ollie-downtown bellingham-post-processing by a nag-champa stick.



breakin paul simons heart..........

pretty sad and the end of an era. whats next? i don't wanna know. full article here.


this guy is the werst......

that's all.



matt french.........

now has a cool new blogsite with a bunch of his art and other randoms live on the interweb. Its called the the stewdio and i suggest taking a peek at it. In related news, below is a photo of matt i took featured in some french skatboarding magazine. Always nice to get a pic out there even if it's overseas.




every day is a holiday in my werld.......


first off, i'm a darn stoked uncle. yeah Chiara!


the Mr. is all coned up as of late.


"i told you, E=Mc2"



why are seamus and tyler so down with P?


cause he shreds twister. duh.


this painting of me is like 6x3 ft. or sumptin. kinda weird. rich people eating dinner under a portrait of yers truly. semi-creepy. wait, absolutely. what a waist of duckets.




read the print.


always werth it.

if anyone is wundering what to do for new-years eve, the gingerturd is having a kegger (maybe 2). just thought i'd throw that out there. see you there everyone and anyone.





got a grindersexchange twirly-bird. super rare and nearly impossible to come bye. pretty much extinct. thats why he's am. duh bird.

(click fir yer life)



you know yer........

bored when you find yerself looking through sum 'send in your best bigspin' contest on the thrasher website. Well one of the submissions is at none other than our second most famous skate spot (runner up to the key bank rail), the wedge bro. What a waste of time, now im wastin yours. sorry.




yer stencil is better........

than mine but i don't care.

(still gotta click) send in dem ones. team-tortilla unite.


im thankful for a whole bunch......

of things in my life, but this dude has by far been my saving grace thru thick and thin for the last nearly 13 years. he sure as heck deserved the 'cookie explosion suprise'. yeah buddy!

those of you who don't know me, probably think im a weird idiot who crappily/happily films his dog getting fed treats, and for what??

well i am, and why? cause its the best and so is he.

p.s. this one is dedicated to the human weed leaf.


do you like what you see.........

i hope so. If you scroll down you will see, iv'e run outta bandwidth space on my photo-hosting site and all my photos are now a warning logo to my situtation. it blows and i'm broke. Its $34.00 dollars to upgrade for a year so donate if you want. I'd be hyped yo. a dollar here, a dollar there. whateves, i'm outta werk right now. send almost anything to:

jared smith
2219 Wilson Ave.
Bellingham, Wa.

and ill send you a randumb print of a photo iv'e taken in return. see, you get sumptin in return. leave a return address.

On much radder notes, look whos in town. yer gonna half to click on da pics till i get my situation upgraded. werd and thanks.

heres a part he had in sum vid his friend made.



is that a zima........

in your hand? fresh beats and moves in more way than one.

i really like how she says "j.k.". I'm assuming thats implies just kidding.... lol, laugh out loud? geez, barf.



weather got you down.......?

get over it.

(click it)



first off.......

i'm finally makin that zine iv'e been talkin bout for years. me and the poop-cow made ten years ago, remember?? "hey dude check out my rad". well its comin back in full force, only this time im holding da reigns solo. right now i have enough content for 30. and why would i change the name?

secondly, heres another night at the bellweather last week.


best movie ever?........

most likely.



well it's now official.........

we totally suck! Today this comment was left on my youtube page under the 'harvest gnarfest' video i posted a few days ago. tyler12snowboard wrote, "i watched a video on the berrics before i went to the lib-tech website and watched this, and the skating at the berrics makes this look like a joke, not very impressed".

Looks like its time to finally throw in the towel and put meattortilla to rest. It was fun while it lasted. Sorry to let you down tyler12snowboard.

- sincerely, agentasian.


last night at.......

the bellweather.


dang......its 2:31 a.m.............

and i just got home from skatin a few minutes ago. It was abnormally warm this evening, but still wet. i got a call from al aroun 10:30 hypen up a bellweather session (our only covered arena, which is almost always a bust). The ginger came and swooped me up and we were off to go meet al and david. why do people use capitals anyway? rent-a-cop didn't show up for probably a hour and half. a couple lines manana.

here is a pic of al threadin da needs tonight, just to tied you over till next time.




harvest gnarfest........

(click to enlarge)

me, tyler, eli, seth, and seamus cruised up to Lynden yesterday for the 2nd annual harvest gnarfest skatejam. It was a really good time and team tortilla killed the pig barn. thanks to the legendary matt french for the invite and the good times for sure. And thanks for the new pair of shoes matt. skating in the winter in pig barns? fo sho.


lots of cool groms ripping



team torilla is the best team out.

fun day.