here is a rad story......

of three of my good friends trip down to the winter wonderland occuring in Chile this past month. The werds of from blair habenicht's adventures with pals matt edgars and forest burklesteins (who took the photos). hell yeah fellers.

our state bird


goin through old......

photos today. way to many i forget about. Heres one of Alex Sandlin i took back in april. you can see footage of this in the Psychoskate Video Riley made. I also haven't skated now for 3 weeks due to a wilsonator knee blowout at the Ketchum park so if you want to go snap sum picks and get me near the skateboarding, please do so. luv, jared.





this one is for......

the one and only Big Worm. When he came back from Austria years ago he bumped this shit non-stop at my house while he was crashing on our couch. fucking epic.



i just got......

a new book called 'outsiders'. it kinda revolves around street art and 'BLU' has a bunch of crap in it. super sick rasta john.




I had a.......

roomate that had at the age of 21, just discovered Skynard. Around that time he also was excuting a full on 4 month long 21 run which totally blew. Almost every night around 2:35 AM he would come crashing into the house with whatever new "friends" he had made at the bar that night, stumble into the stereo which was right outside my room and blast his newly found favorite band. I pretty much can't listen to them anymore because of this experience but this makes it a little easier on me earsockets bro.


bon jour


rains coming.......

go get it.


right before i left washington......

i went to the south of bellingham and north of seattle area. it was fun goon.



cam just..........

sent me a link of a night he, jihad and malcom had in portland recently. praise jah and kool keith.



i just walked to the store and after being gone for a bit, realized that all the college longbuddy barnyards have again, come back to bellingham to furthur there education at drinking budlight and sparks while playing beerdong. just try and make it through all 7 minutes and 45 seconds of this.

Harsh. Good lookin out MZA for the link.


so i just.........

returned from a almost 2 week vacation to Idaho, where I floated 82 untouched miles on the Salmon river. No cell, no computer, no contact to the outside world. Just 16 of us floating for a 8 days. I just dropped off my film at the lab and will be collecting digi photos from others for a post in the near future. I other delightful news however, friend of the tortilla, Mr. Steeb Russell has a art show going on you should check out if your in the Bellingham area. Here's a email he sent me.

"i have a show opening this friday(tomorrow!) artwalk sept.4th 6-10pm at
digs(200 west holly)"BIG in september" 7 brand new paintings on large
canvasses(it will be up for the whole month)."

in other artfully exciting news. The autistic Sasquatch has a WEBSITE!! so check that out as well.

Glad to be home but what a much needed vaca.