in case you didn't know......

Nathaniel Eng is a really nice guy. He may just be one of the politetest homies I know. Always smiling. He's pretty darn good on that board as well. Next time you see him say hello, he may just give you a ride home.

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f/s tailslide, Bellingham, WA.
Camera: Me



MR. P...

turns 10! That seventy in in dog years. Are you gonna make it that long and still frolick in the woods with dirty britches?

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...beware de rocket o red.



art art....

Yo whats up Bellingham This is Jaymeer Burnside Portlander Seattlite Making it happen..
Downtown.. Throwin down>> Maby we will see some quality murals up here in the future .. that would be hella cool to work with the new skatepark to do something there that would make it landmark status. People need to figure out if something that is the real deal could run ... Ya Feel me .. Making it happen like Marginal Way ... Props to You regardless your about to have a sick situation soon..
Peep out some of my work if you dare..


bellingham spot...

on thrashers website.

"Who the f@c#"
bradley sheppard


a few days...

back i went out with Nathaniel and Kyle to go roll around, shoot some photos and film. It was a good time as usual. Here is a small glimpse of our day.

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the angel dust



if you haven't seen this already you should probably plug in your good speakers, take a time out and bust a nut over it. pure beauty in sound and motion. get faded and peep this shit. sup wit it. its been a beautiful day skateboarders; more to come!





is starting a bit of work. To the south of the existing park they have started ripping out trees. To the north there setting up a perimiter. Hypeadillywondonglong.



congratulations Mr. Sasquatch.

over the weekend Toby, AKA the Austistic Sasqautch married his long time lady Lisa. Small wedding of epic porportions and a chance for me to try out my new camera. Congratulaions to the two of you. You guys rule.

here's a few shots.