these guys.  two of the best one could hope fer. 

knobbed down in the bayou.

you know only a couple things can warrant such stoke.

danny lindsay.

best dude ever's birthday was last week.  thanks fer all the memories ya beast.

oregon coast.  full charge ahead!

jihad werkin on sum next levelness.

thanks bros.


what has ol' black arms been doing?........


cool yer jets brick......



pontus is the bestest.......

he gets his share of love here on the tort.  well deserved.  skateboard hero.




video parts come and go as quickly as the sun.  These two are worth storing in the memory bank however.

Clint Walker.  Of course i've heard of him, but never really see much coverage.  This is scary. fast, big and super technical.  gnarly stuff indeed.  trippin on the sex change.

and Randy Ploesser.  This guy has been one of my favorite underground guys forever.  Everytime he comes out with a part its full of unique spots and super unique manuevers.


photo fer yer day.......

here is one i shot of mr. ryan williams 3 or 4 years ago.  Whenever Dahl park first opened.  It was used online fer a web thing.  i wish i could jump like that.  prob feels real nice.



is in the push.  either yer born with it or yer not. 





the golden hour.....

if you like snapping photos, then you know the last 30 minutes before the sun sets is one of the raddest times to take photos.  the warmth, natural rimlight and colors generally make for  rad photos without the  addition of any artificial light.  Last night Zac Garza went the distance in the crapditch to fakie.





super arsenal of rad.

sum times things just werk out photo wise.


al killin it per usual.

ass out.

banana george approved.

leo aint got shit on of jihad

blackmarket ad from last LowCard.

best dude ever.  miss ya homie.



i have a whole.....

cam part edited up on my smart box which is living in unheated storage.  maybe one day it will grace our peeperz.  by the time we see it sum of the footage will be 8 years old.  YES!  anyways, this footage arn't new i-ther.  but boi is it grrrrrrreat!

cam original gangsturd.



found sum old clips i never posted..........

al sandlin always werkin sum magic.

the ginger with a line

ben and cam loving nature

and the man the myth the legend.........



jimmy jihad.............

also known as james edward denton to his parents and friends outside the skateboard world is a radical human.  We have known eachother for quite a few years now, meeting during the days of the infamous triad "3 bucks please" ramp days.  It didn't take long for us to realize we enjoyed blazing through live together and have been rippen ever since.  Jimmy lives to skate and spend time with my  niece and his daughter Darla, a very fine specimen of canine quality.  you most likely have seen jimmy around as its hard to to notice his skating or him ollieing over yer head.  He's down for the cause, his buds and skating.  He just lost his job on friday so you will probably be seeing a lot more of him on his board.  Did i mention he has a meattortilla tattoo!!!  Thanks for the good times my friend.

heres a few photos ive shot of jihad over the years.  jimmy's one of my favorites to skate and shoot with.

one of my favorite jumpers in the game.

up on the hillside.  these 2 rad dogs just kept running after him time and time again.

ollie on the moon.  jimmy likes the moon........cabbage.

this spot is not easy to skate at all.  I have taken a lot of people here and only 3 have stepped.  This day jimmy got tossed upside down scorpo style but shook it off, put on another layer for protection and came through like a champ.

my niece darla is such a lover.  obviously she loves her uncle.

thanks for the ripping good times ameego.




the boys making the most of early spring day at our piece of werk.

al's 360 is amazing!!!


ive spent a whole lotta.....

time at the ol'crap ditch, so when you see sumptin new go down it's always rad.  eli hare was snapping the length of the twinkie for fun.  hard to catch that little tranny.  yeah buddy.

video of the day later today.



zac garza.........

is still tossing his carcass at round rails at the ripe age of 37.  yeah buddy.