it's xmas time.

alex YO johnson.  photo=?

jamie weller at one of the many spots he has created.  p-town.  photo= brendan klein.



been a major lack......

of original content.  i promise i got sumptin a brewin.  in the meantime here is sum more greatness outta the north.  Brad has been shreding for so long and this new part gets me pumped.


canadians in oregon.......

park footage.  i love oregon.



swiss banks......

wow.  filmed entirely the alps.  some of the coolest spots visually iv'e ever seen.  the wall ride spot with the curved up cement sections.....  All of them really.  Watch this if you like nature and appreciate filming and compostion.

Swiss Banks - Carhartt WIP X Antiz explore the Alps with Sylvain Tognelli, Dominik Dietrich and more. a Skateboarding video by kingpin


best video of the year.......

ben gore and leo valls get so rad on the woops and doops in S.F.  The skating is one thing, the filming is another. 



first time editing......

i made this video 8 or so years ago.  I was asked to do it as i was friends with the folks at Mervin Manufacturing and had filmed about half of the footage used in the movie.  I just found it on the internet and it's a funny flashback.  A ryan williams part!  A mason huggins and buster halterman part!  Dirty Dan footage and a Brad Cromer part????!  Boy i didn't have a clue what i was doing editing this thing.  The folks at Mervin sent me a copy of final cut express to get the job done.  I just tried to line up the music and skating i guess.   Good times and good memories.

More Skateboarding Videos

I still have all of Brad's raw footage tapes with a bunch of unused footage.  He's gonna have a part in my video.  Yes!  Bet he will be hyped.




sam and max....

two of seattles most original rollaz.

from Storm 2.  A new video out now which also has josh and pats part in it.  haven't seen it but from the looks of it.



josh and patrick.......

i met josh snyder quite a few years ago through sam cole.  I haven't seen him in quite some time.  I know he got banged up pretty good in a motorcycle accident and was forced of skate for a bit.  I even think i heard he may have perhaps had something else happen even after that occasion.  Anyways, i've always been stoked on josh's (goofs) skating so i'm super hyped to see some clips of the guy.  Pat (regs) as well.



The Lil Wayne of Bellingham.........

received this rad email a little while ago.  Thanks for the kind words and awesome email.





we unfortunately lost another brother the other day.  Rama Fire, older brother to Leon Fire passed away in Hawaii recently in a moped accident.  Although i did not know Rama super well, he was always a great pleasure to be around.  When i first moved to Seattle i ran into him at the greenlake bmx jumps, gave me his number, bought me a beer and extended giant open arms, offering me help finding work, housing, and bonfires down at golden gardens.  Rama was a huge part of the bmx scene in seattle and the northwest and will be missed by many.  My heart goes out to my good friend Leon and his family.  Rest in peace ripper.  Rama forever.

A photo i shot of him the first day i met him.

heres some footage of him from 16 plus years ago.  nw legend.


anyone catch this at seaskate?

tri-x 800

instastolen.  n. lacoste.  damn.


these full pipes are pretty small.  even smaller when your cam's height.  dusted.

mr p was the  best dog ever and truly my best ameego.

fall time a few years ago.  Jihad goes upstream.  Ollie from the landing to the takeoff.



bellingham's finest

cam moved away from bellingham to portland maybe 5 years ago now.  I have since left that town as well.  The seattle skateboard zine, Wicked World just put out their second issue and i had a photo i shot years ago of Cam in it.  It got me thinking.  I have filmed and shot more photos throughout the years of Cam than anyone.  He most certainly helped me get through a bunch of lulls and helped keep me pumped on documenting a somewhat stale and slow scene up north.  Anyways, it's unfortunately been years since we have gotten to shoot anything together, but hopefully that will change one of these days.  Cam has been ripping for years and i'm pumped he's still at it.

here is a small selection of some photos and footage we have shot together.  It's rad that a video clips so old, in a day and age of complete technical and gnarly disbelief, still get me more pumped to go skate than all the content being pumped out on the daily.   good times my friend.

Bellingham, WA.

360 flip.  Bellingham, WA.

frigid ollie fakie, Bellingham, WA.

Ollie up, ollie in, kickflip out.  Bellingham, WA,

this was one of the coolest setups i have ever stumbled across.  It's hard to tell, but there was a stack of metal sheets (just in the left of the frame) you would ollie onto, then quick ollie into the skateboard shaped piece of steel (elevated and center), then boost out and land on the sheet in the right of the frame.  We didn't move anything.  It would be impossibe as each sheet probably weights 5000 pounds.  One of those lucky circumstances of rad that was probably only there for a day or two.  Glad we caught it.  Sometimes it works.

Thanks a ton for everthing Cam.




alex always skates loose and fast.  this was the first day i met him, and the first photo i shot of him.  I gave it to Sausage Todd awhile ago and had forgotten about it, but it just appeared on their site and i was reminded, so here it is.  A saved photo finally gets to appear on this site.  So many get stored aside for the homies intentions, homies companies intentions or projects i have in mind, 99% of which never reach anyones peepers.  Anyway, I like the photo and the composition for the most part, but i guess it doesn't really tell the whole story.  A Dirty pal, while looking for photos for a ad pointed out to me, "it isn't pointed".  I don't know,  just look at the thing.  It's skinny, uphill and has a pit on one side.  I don't know how more pointed you can get grinding uphill.  Good work in my book mr. johnson.



fresh cutty.....

findin more stuff deep in the hoods.  so many things to skate in this city and this spot has a bunch of rad possibilites, as the bank wraps up around the corner with a grindable/slideable section.  Hit me up, and let's roll.  Theres more to this spot than meets the eyeballz.

dirty dan.



bellingbro flashback......

i was sitten here lookin at sessions i filmed and edited up throughout the years on my goontube page tonight.  it's rad.  holding a camera is capturing moments in time.  I spent nearly 15 years in bellingham and i finally left, so it really is nice to go back and look at a couple daze here and there, skating from some year past with my friends, and get all nostalgic.  Boy that was deep.  thanks for hangin in there and i hope you didn't barf on yer keyboard.

these clips are hammerless.  please skip if skateboarding is serious business to you.  There is a new andrew reynolds edit on youtube.

when the park gets boring, add sumptin, right?  plus, you get to see me take a hearty beef at the begining of this one, pink shurt and all.

another afternoon.

good memories.




since i move to seattle, ive filmed a good amount of stuff.  Fun stuff.  unplanned stuff.  skateboarding with the buds.  I keep holding on to it for sum reason or another, or a bro that wants me to save footage for one reason or another, but i realized i'm way overdue for a edit.  so it's coming soon and yer favorite buds too.

thanks for the sweet illustration internet land.



wall street....

me and alex johnson went climbing fences the other night around some tall buildings to get a photo.  It was this little courtyard with a crazy wallie to marble hubba setup.  Alex did it in a few tries.  badgrasss.

the spot.

at this point is was just trying to get things dialed, figure out how i wanted to shoot it.  i think this was his first attempt and luckily i was ready a couple tries later.  alex is bad.   wallie 50-50.



they may get a bad wrap......

Everyone has witnessed the local hero blasting benihannas or if your real lucky, maybe even a backflip, followed by the enevitable "ugnhh" flex by the launching sensei.  But no one can deny that launch outs are a blast, and Judkins park has undoubtedly one of the best spots for honing the craft.  You could argue whether Judkins is a true launch out, since there is actually a small tranny landing and were not in Canada, but im gonna go ahead and say it's bonifide.  Anyway i had the pleasure of witnessing a fine display of launch-ism the other day by none other the max lovelace and reilly schlitt.

the proving grounds.

reilly and a grasser

max and a tucknee.  both go to's for any launch out circus.

max was doing these sick indy nose taps.


the rest of the park is pretty good to.  Max, backsmith.

p.s.  after just tagging this post to max's facebook i stumbled across his page and low and behold this was his profile picture.   Check out the fairy dust!!

a true artist and a random conincidence.  if only maybe reilly has the backflip.  im gonna have to go investigate.



ran into this........

today.  perfect shallow end.  The kind folks already had a pump in it as well.  nice folks.

then around the corner i ran into the northwests version of a california ditch.  so good.