jihad at renton........

the gingerturd.  kickflip, Bellingham, WA,

Glacier, WA,

Cam Barrett.  Bellingham, Wa.  Fruntside flip.



video grabs.......

of the last few days skating with CEO, Brick Jordan, Ryan Gomez, Dirty Dad and Taj Hanson.  Good times.  Edit werking.

alex johnson. UW, backside ollie.

this was crazy!

Brick.  Kickflip back D.

CEO.  Highspeed army roll hat tossing.

ran into this jedi.

Gomez goes greenroom.

Gomez.  Westlake wheelies.

Alex.  backside roundhouse judo kick. 



launch ramp party.....

went down to the bridge with jihad last night to help brice build a launch ramp for sum blackmarket X midnight icecream deal going on this weekend.

giddy yup.

serious business, that launch ramp stuff.

we got real techy and inlaid the sign in our maso.

werk rigs.


the light was so low at this point, i was shooting at iso 800, but you get the point.  jimbo to fakie.  good to have you in town ameego.

brice tests out the fruits of his labor with that steez only a cowboy could.

my favorite bitch.

go see those dudes this weekend and skate this thing, wherever they are.  i honestly have no idea, but i know it's not the block party on capital hill.



while out and about.......

today we drove past this thing and gave it a quick whirl.  before anything could happen, this awesum fellow emerged from his cave and called 9-11 on us for skating the sidewalk.  the fun police returns.

"yes 9-11? I have 2 mid-20 year old males, criminally tresspassing and destroying private property"

ryan gomez, warm up ollie before the immediate boot.


yesterdays crew.....

 dirty dad, ryan gomez, CEO, taj hanson and alex johnson Yo.




went to this place of the first time last week.  ive always wanted to go here but for whatever reason, the company i was with always discouraged the idea.  not sure why.  the place rules.

glad i finally made it.

this is toby and he was visiting from southern california.  super rad dude and ripper alike.

the place has four identical doorways with no flatbottom really.  you just get these hotlaps goin around and around carvin the doors.  super fun.

 there was a troll under the bridge.


as you may know.........

i'm always pretty busy pointing either one of my cameras in yer direction.  Well some kinda of fruit needs to sproat from this tree and is is, in the form of a new zine, "UTAHSOAKERZ"  and a skate_edit, "SLEAZYTORTILLA".  Shit is gonna be rad, as i'm werking with Mr. Alex Johnson on these projects.  Well maybe.   Can't remember that last time a decent skate/turd_life publication was coming outta the northwest.  hold onto yer pantiez cause they are gonna drop.



CEO is the man............

ive had the privledge of rippin around with him lately on the regular.  dudes got spots and moves.  38 years young aint no slowin in sight.

heres a old on of him i swiped of the Terror skateboards site.  Ollie sum years ago.

and then one i snapped the other day while skating downtown in the international district.  Slappy fun.

SODO.  fruntside 180 nosegrind while alex gets clippy.

we also shot a rad one at the SLEAZYRYDAHZ TF, but that ones gettin saved so keep a eye out for that and more from Mike Childress, the CEO of coca-cola.

Heres a couple others from that night.

Alex Johnson.  fruntside noseslide 270 to regular.

Ryan Gomez.  Fruntboard 270 to regular.





jivaro premier......

last night there was a premier for the new Jivaro Wheels video down at the bridge.  When we showed up Brice was painting the wall white for a new spot to project the movie.  The video was short, sweet and full of northwest ripping.  earlier in the day Gomez, Fred and I were out and about.  Ryan got a sick photo on a tall ass man bar downtown.  He ended up splitting to go see Paul McCartney at safeco and me and fred finished off the day in Chinatown.  Another rad one.

Mr Niehbur

these photos are kinda outta focus.  i suck.  Brice gets all Scott Oster on the hip.  hell yeah.

frunt blunt?  yep.  why not pop a foot out into the tran.

this kid in chinatown was rad.  all his bros walked by without any interest in what we were doing, but he on the other hand was stoked..


more next level-waish.  a lot of this kinda trickery has been going down lately.