friday mornin..........

sippin coffee, watchin youtube.

the switch drop in is nutz.

greece always seems like a nice place to visit.

and s.f. will always be my favorite big city.




takin from olsonstuff.


i just died............

in yer arms tonight.................  crazy russian disco-tek stee-lo.  boom!  hot pants. no amount of vodka seems like it's gonna make this homiez day better.



weirdo creeps........

so i have a sitemeter on my blog.  every so often i'll take a peek at it to see where people are visiting from.  It goes into quite sum depth, showing refering links, search words, operating systems of the visitor, ect, ect.  Well when i saw sumone was checking the tortilla from New Zealand i clicked on them to gain a little more insight of their visit.  Just look at what they were searching for........ Now my question is, why my blog came up as a search result under the google search engine for that.  Either way.  What a sicko, creepy mcgee.  Stay away from the tortilla if you read this again you weirdo.

in a much less disturbing note.  here is a picture of Danny Lindsay skating bellinghams closing thing to S.F., a few years ago.

And yes you weirdo.  A animal could very well die from being sexed up by a human.  but hopfully something more deserving will happen like you getting kicked or bitten in your junk.



fall is approaching..............

so it's time to get it while its here.  Heading out to go fish, then down to la conner to skate, finishing up the day with a bbq and horeshoes at the house.  Sounds about right.

i shot this photo of ryan in 09'.  i found this slab laying like this on a dog walk.  These finds are always the best.



one day with brick strait........

you may remember that i had a poll on this here blog asking who should have the next 'a day at the park' with.  well the readers spoke and the answer was 'a visiting dirtbag' out of the options.  Well here it finally is.  and the bonus?  it's not at the park, with the exception of a couple lines.  So here is bricks 'a day with'.  brick rips.  whiskey and women.


BOYISH full length..........

this video is radical.  the first song just kills me.  so funny.


o no. sumone went and did.......

sumthing silly again.  since when wouldn't you want to push?  regardless of the size board you ride.  best trick there is.


these dudes are the gnarliest.......

dudes ever.  not sure how you would survive a bail. 



total party pooper......

this guy was no good.  we went to the new La Conner skatepark today.  there happens to be a nice ten stair in the adjacent parking lot.  As you can see he wasn't to excited about a 25 year old tossing his carcass down the set.  Anyways after that schpiel he let jihad go but as i packed up my cameras he approched me with pen a pad in hand and proceeded to hassell me and take my information, stating "i  need to know how to contact you since you took my picture"  blah, blah, blah.  After name, adress, ect, he still felt the need to give me shit about my last name being 'Smith', as if i was giving him sum sort of allaby.  After all this happened he parked his car and sat and stared us down at the park for maybe another hour and a half.  boooooooooooooooooooo!




photo: BenthereDonethat.

p.s.  all city showdown was a blast yesterday.  great time with the crew.  saw a grip of old skate friends and made sum new ones.  huntz and brice went hammer bruthers at the 2 bit post all-city.  i feel old.



there is a ridiculous amount.......

of money involved in skateboarding these dayz. just look at this shit.  it's crazy to me how at events like the x-games, street league ect, they will build a few hundred thousand dollar park for a 3 day contest only to demolish it as soon as it's over.  redbull, monster, mountain dew, gatorade.  redbull, monster, mountain dew, gatorade.