La Paz, Bolivia......

i posted the full Levis La Paz video awhile back.  Go back and watch it if you didn't.  Here's a new kinda behind the scenes clip of what went on down in south america.


speacking of vics market..........

you saw this right.  well have another look.




we have all been guilty(well mostly) of complaining about are local skate arena.  when they are first built anything new is fun, exciting and a new challenge, but after time the lackluster-ness sets in and we begin to grumble.  And although any of these parks which follow would be considered a gem, if found in the streets and would still be fun to a point, it's just kinda comical that this is the outcome of a citys resources.

VIA kingpin


#The Great Skate Boys

these guys never cease to get my hyped or make me feel like i'm lazy when it comes to skateboarding.  They are always skating and I know they have on numerous times skated from the seattle area to as far as tacoma, (a long long way to skate) but this is insane.  Although i'm truthfully not that suprised they are making this adventure.  good luck fellas!  They made the local news so have a look...



bellingham memories......

i guess cory kennedy lives in bellingham now.  it's real great to see this clip as it's a reminder of what my daily grind consisted of, for 14 years up in that town up the I-5 corridor, twenty five minutes away from the canadian border.  and the skating.....  Yes the park skating is fun to watch, but the street?  Bellingham doesn't have a single smooth spot and well the crusty ones mostly suck.  The ollie up, backside flip is nuts.  the best thing i have seen in them streets perhaps, and the back smith on the armory rail?  I've taken a lot of visiting friends there and only two, well three, have skated it.  It's really tall, and round, and against a tree, and if you land it, you start a steep hill bomb which ends in a twenty stair.  great clip.  got me all reminiscent and stoked for today.

here is one i shot of Jihad quite some years ago on the rail.