of my friends justin and dylan was all time a couple weekends ago.  Just now getting the film back.

 justin and his mum.

 Forrest Burki

Luke strong

Pete the meat

Blair Habenicht and Janelle and someone else.....





been spending most of my time out on washington states western most point.  My good friend has property on which he is creating his own simple sustainable zone.  inspiring to say the least.  The daiuly routine is as follows with slight variations from here to there.  Wake up early.  Drink a few french press' worth of black gold.  Go for a fish on a world class angling paradise.  Work around the farm for a bit.  Eat a lunch made from produce and proteins from the farm.  Then perhaps skate a radical park, soon a miniramp on the farm, go to the beach and lurk and maybe try and surf.  Come back fish again, eat another farm fresh meal and round the night off with a fire with pals.  Good Life.