the dude..........

this is the best thing i have found on the internet in a very long while.  goes to show you are never to old to learn, never to old to quit.  kinda cliche, but so very true. 



i dont remember the max.........

skate bike for sum reason, which is weird because anything to do with skateboards of BMX is was quite in tune with as a wee lad.  i guess skating's for the cops and the cool cats shred on the max skate-bike.  never knew.


photo of the day over at epiclytrife.com!

not sure how but the schmitty(thrasher web lord) gave me photo of the day on his site.  Stoked to see my pic of my main man, MR. P  and the gingerturd up on the site.  boo yeah.




andy roy.................

check out this epic footage of andy attacking or simply trying to give DMX a bug hug a his concert recently.  I doubt the bouncers thought the spiderwebbed tattoed headed snuggle bandit was trying to be luving but c'mon.  who doesn't love DMX?

in other fun news with good ol mr Roy, he apparently started a skate camp for kids.  Dang.  best coach ever?  hands down.  "no mt. dew, no maloof crap, just sleep in the dirt wherever's close to the park...."
role model for daze.

undoubtedly one of skateboardings most classic characters.



you have most likely.......

heard of SAUCE and if your from the northwest you most likely have held one at sum point along yer travels, be you found one rolled up under the bleachers at the Aumsville skatepark covered in dust or a issue tucked away inside Ratzmans soccer mom crv's  glovebox, on the way home from a bender that started in portland and ended at rockaway beach.  Anyways, times are tough and thing has gone digital  for now (hopefully not forever).  Check it out on the regular as there seems to be quite a few people helping out which makes for good content.  it may not be in print, but take yer laptop/i phone/ i pad to the shitter with you and pretend.

 o yeah.  i will be posting stuff here.