this is ocean........


happy thanksgiving....

being thakful is important.  remember?  Anyways what better a present than a some new clips of Cam and his best friend Albert!!!

Heres a photo i shot of cam ten years ago in his mom-made tiger suit at the crapditch!!!!



I stumbled upon these photos VIA pirate mike's instagram (@tigrero74).  I'm not sure of the fellow creating these masks, but his insta name is @klutcho.  Give his page a peep, as i barely paroosed yet saw sum rad stuff.  I have seen a lot of board involved art and in a general overly-understimulating use, this is a rad new take.




stole this one from the overlord of the GeewaBoltCo, Mr. Drew Steadham.

and heres a old photo i took of O.G. tortilla master, Dog whisperer, Cam Barrett at that spot i built by my old house.

yes, that is a pop outta a blunt.

and one of Peter Gunn at bainbridge island in it's early years.



rainy day brain waves......

the following video is of G.T.  If that wasn't enough reason to watch, it's all shot on 16mm.  The best.



a giant pair of.........

scrotum pants?  Sure, why not.


I'm not a big fan of element.......

but Madars, how could you not be.  This part is gold! 


while tilling up the earth.......

a few days ago, pre perma frost I uncovered a little piece of history.  It was my first skateboard which I had purchased with the money i had earned from collecting up our horses turdz when i was 6.  30 years ago!!  Not sure how it got buried a foot beneath the dirt or where the trucks and wheels went but stoked to find it.  Turns out friend of the tortilla and Geezer Ward boss, Drew Stedham has one just like it.



i always thought........

segways were the dumbest thing.  even more so than scooters.  But this is staight BOSS!  Ride yer segway like Julius fucking Ceaser!



satans beverage.......

i don't drink the stuff and i don't support it.  whatever you do with or wanna believe is up to you but this is clearly TRUTH!


falls here.....

and winter is knocking.  The northwest can feel like a grim zone in these months but it's part of what makes being a skateboarder from this area so special.


hand burnt slide.

john motta has always been one of my favorites.




is still ripping.  have a look at sum recent snaps swooped of the gram.....

ummmmm. rad!

mellow dip.



if you are into.....

capturing skateboarding or any moments in life give this a watch and dive into the minds of some of my favorite creative individuals in our culture.

Symirroretry from Andrew Lovgren on Vimeo.