the gingerturd......

comin in hot with some new footage.  He was livin down in socal for a bit and gathered up these clips.  hell yeah buddy.

heres a oldie i shot from the good ol 7 eleven rail up in the ham.




down by the river.


the man.

somehow i never saw this.


Geezer Ward!!!!

in the spirit of skateboarding and getting old, long time friend and good human, Mr. Drew Steadham started Geezer Ward Bolt Co.  I was lucky enough to have a care package show up on my doorstep a couple days ago, and the graphics are supa.  Can't wait to get some hard goods.  Peep the site for sum edits of the bros and keep a eye out for a meattortilla X geezerward collab.  Collabs are so hot hot hot these days.  Hyped on this.  Yeah Drew!

stickers, check.

pocket tee for my smokes, you bet.


i know, know......

this site is starting to look like hella clips or sumptin.  just a bunch of refererenced skate edits.  I got a interview and sum photos comin soon, i promise.  Anyways, thrasher has been posting parts from a video from the dudes at SkateJawn, which is where the one of Nik came from and this one to.  This dude is the best.  Reminds me so much of Alex Sandlin.  His style and trick selection.  everything.  Miss that little caveman and the tattoo he let me give him.

al learned these pretty quick this day at the crapditch.

do yerself a favor and watch his part a few posts below if you haven't already.  it's great.


one in a million.....

i remember nik stain from that garbage reality typish show Slap did, which, eventually failed due to idiodic production, called One In A Million.  He didn't win, nor did he seem to care to.  I also remember him from a clip of him bombing a humongous hill switch in which he ends up getting the wobbz at the bottom and eating complete gargamels.  anyways, thrasher posted this edit today and it's just great.

great clips outta the blue pop up outta the blue.  like this one did awhile back.



because of its.....

close resemblence to rollerblading it looks real real silly, but on the other hand, it looks like the sketchiest thing i have ever seen.  complete and absolute icy death.  and hell, ice skating just goin straight isn't all that easy.  Not sure why they had to go and discredit the dudes and title the video inline skating, although the monkeys performing the stunts did look like yer run of the mill blader bros. 



born slippy......

a new video outta washington rules.  heres the S.F. segment. 



i got a interview....

in the werks with a certain individual so be on the look out for that.  gonna be rad.  here is a photo i shot quite a few years ago of tyler daboi up in the ham at the foundation spot.



this just made my day!

alex is the most amazing skater ever!

the human weed leaf and kevin