josh and patrick.......

i met josh snyder quite a few years ago through sam cole.  I haven't seen him in quite some time.  I know he got banged up pretty good in a motorcycle accident and was forced of skate for a bit.  I even think i heard he may have perhaps had something else happen even after that occasion.  Anyways, i've always been stoked on josh's (goofs) skating so i'm super hyped to see some clips of the guy.  Pat (regs) as well.



The Lil Wayne of Bellingham.........

received this rad email a little while ago.  Thanks for the kind words and awesome email.





we unfortunately lost another brother the other day.  Rama Fire, older brother to Leon Fire passed away in Hawaii recently in a moped accident.  Although i did not know Rama super well, he was always a great pleasure to be around.  When i first moved to Seattle i ran into him at the greenlake bmx jumps, gave me his number, bought me a beer and extended giant open arms, offering me help finding work, housing, and bonfires down at golden gardens.  Rama was a huge part of the bmx scene in seattle and the northwest and will be missed by many.  My heart goes out to my good friend Leon and his family.  Rest in peace ripper.  Rama forever.

A photo i shot of him the first day i met him.

heres some footage of him from 16 plus years ago.  nw legend.


anyone catch this at seaskate?

tri-x 800

instastolen.  n. lacoste.  damn.


these full pipes are pretty small.  even smaller when your cam's height.  dusted.

mr p was the  best dog ever and truly my best ameego.

fall time a few years ago.  Jihad goes upstream.  Ollie from the landing to the takeoff.



bellingham's finest

cam moved away from bellingham to portland maybe 5 years ago now.  I have since left that town as well.  The seattle skateboard zine, Wicked World just put out their second issue and i had a photo i shot years ago of Cam in it.  It got me thinking.  I have filmed and shot more photos throughout the years of Cam than anyone.  He most certainly helped me get through a bunch of lulls and helped keep me pumped on documenting a somewhat stale and slow scene up north.  Anyways, it's unfortunately been years since we have gotten to shoot anything together, but hopefully that will change one of these days.  Cam has been ripping for years and i'm pumped he's still at it.

here is a small selection of some photos and footage we have shot together.  It's rad that a video clips so old, in a day and age of complete technical and gnarly disbelief, still get me more pumped to go skate than all the content being pumped out on the daily.   good times my friend.

Bellingham, WA.

360 flip.  Bellingham, WA.

frigid ollie fakie, Bellingham, WA.

Ollie up, ollie in, kickflip out.  Bellingham, WA,

this was one of the coolest setups i have ever stumbled across.  It's hard to tell, but there was a stack of metal sheets (just in the left of the frame) you would ollie onto, then quick ollie into the skateboard shaped piece of steel (elevated and center), then boost out and land on the sheet in the right of the frame.  We didn't move anything.  It would be impossibe as each sheet probably weights 5000 pounds.  One of those lucky circumstances of rad that was probably only there for a day or two.  Glad we caught it.  Sometimes it works.

Thanks a ton for everthing Cam.