Leon turned.....

a quarter of a century on Wednesday night, but we partied well on Tuesday in his honor. Many bottles of bubbly and brewskis were consumed, BB guns were fired off, wine was beer-bonged and dancing was done. I shot about 100 photos that night but have been way to lazy to upload them all, especially since skate has been in effect. No big deal. Thanks to Dani, Natalia, and Colin for hosting the shindig and thanks to all Leons homies; Donkey and Steph, Deek, Miguel, Kyle, Forest, Clare, Little Sis Emereld, Katie, Terra, Gnar, Annie, Matt, and the many others who came out to celebrate with this young chap. I will get around to posting a post of epic porportions, I promise. But until then:

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Word on the Street...

Well, after meetin Kyle at the skatepark for a heated session of flatground today, we quickly learned that "Phase 2" of the Bellingham Skatepark will begin sometime in April and end in July with a new snake run to the north and a street section to the south. Couldn't really make out much from the proposed designs, but for those ledge lovers, looks like there could be a decent ledge coming to town real soon. And you can expect a lot more of this......

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- Nasty Nate


This makes me......

happy and hungry at the same time. Enjoy this rap about one of Seattles great institutions.


p.s. your gonna be hummin this tune all day. just wait.


suprise, suprise....

another rainy day. Yesterday it was dry so I had high hopes of some skateage today. Thanks Mrs. Nature. So here I sit doing another rainy day activity. Today's being, fumbling through old negatives and scanning them for my enjoyment.
On another note what is with skatepark graffiti? Big pot leaves, 4:20 symbols, bongs, dice, cock and balls, we've all seen are share of this crap. Taken for granted most is not done by the skaters who actually use the park, but c'mon kids lets see something creative. How about some Wizards battling dragons amidst a intergalatic odessey of chaos? Or a ode to some of our long lost; Anna Nicole Smith or James Brown. I think any of us would much rather roll over Anna Nicole than a pot leaf.
So on that note, here is one of the negatives I found today of a photo I shot at the crapditch of some GOOD graffiti. Enjoy.

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happy chinese new year!

wishing a super one to everyone, especially my mom.


It is rad.....

that so many skaters are finally taking things into their own hands. Bags of cement are being poured into boxes and transistiions in every state and every country. We know what is fun to skate and that's why we need create. Johnny Rad, jesus man. Anyways, I found this today and I guess it applies, although I wonder how paddling is with just one arm???



so im working on.........

getting some stuff made up as far as stickers/shirts for the tortilla, no big deal. Well anyways, the guy below

came to me with three sick logos that will be used for our stokage and yours.
Who knew the guy in the sky was a ar-tist? Here is a peak at one, but only one:

Anyways my leg is feeling better and it seems to be dry. Hopefully the weather will hold out for a few more days so we can play. If your interested in meeting up or traveling somewheres in the next couple, drop a line either here or on my phone. Word........



Captain booya......

takes photos at epic breaks in Fresno. Here is our SoCal barney pal Brooks getting tubed..


another boneless....

photo of Mr. Matt French. No but seriously it's rad. Nobody can touch his syleeees on da boneless variations. Board varial, body varial, fingerflip body varial. Whatever, French kills it on the board and on the canvas. A boneless photo @ the crapditch by me. Check the frostys.......


R.I.P. WWU Tennis Court Banks!

yes its true, bellingham's already bleek street skating scene has lost one of its more notable spots and one of my personal favorites. where once lived those beautiful green banks is now a mud pit crawling with heavy equipment, soon to be home to a new university facility... bummin'



Rick and Buddy......

of NCP films (Fruit of the Vine, Northwest, ect.) are coming out with a video documenting skateboarding in NYC. Shot in 8mm, 16mm and video, it is bound to be good. Here is the link to the trailer and a little info about the project.



the meat box...

got toted around town a few days ago. Here is the builder of this masterpiece enjoying his creation and the unexpected warm weather and sunshine.




Just got off the phone with Cam and he sent me in the direction of fourdous.com for these gems...

- Nasty Nate

Cam on the new Manik site

Here's a link to a photo of Cam on the new and improved Manik site.


Sorry, I still don't know how to do those fancy links like Jared, so it'll be the old cut and paste for this time, but we'll see if Jared can teach me that one.

And while you're at it...watch this skate part. it's my favorite recent youtube find.

- Nasty Nate



I found this today browsing thru the good ol' youtube. Looks like these guys are on to something good.....



movin on......

This is a kid named Brad Cromer. He is from florida and is quite a talented fella. I've never actually met him, but I had the opportunity to edit up a small part for him for the libtech skate video a few years back. Anyways, he's moved on to bigger and better booyas. Here's his part from the Krooked video extras.......



o my oh my........

The weather has once again been full of suck. My leg is still jacked, so I guess I wouldn't be skating anyway, but c'mon mother nature. For me, yesterday wasn't spent nearly as productive as Nathaniels (good work pal), but i had a good time pretending to be a pigskin fan with the homies. Tyson and Troy had called though and arranged a filming mission weather permitting. Well weather didn't really permit, but these guys were still on it. We met up and headed to a four stair which then led downhill into a tenstair with a wooden, mossy, damp railing with a chundered wet landing. What????? Anyways Tyson had a line planned which ended with a frontboard down the ten. Here is how the second half of the line went.

Afterwards I showed them some spots around town, it got dark and they packed up and left. Funny thing is there already returning tommorow. Dedication kidies.


Look What I Built

Some may be excited, some might be bored, and other could go either way, but to tell the truth building this was a good way to spend Super Bowl Sunday.

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- Nasty Nate

PS. this thing is mobile and built for epic skate action.


sequences on the tortilla?

From the looks of it, Cam is still having a good ol time down in Texas. We miss you back home although happy to see your shred is in epic form buddy.