little weezy......

is he just a fair weathered, seasonal skater who puts the board away during the winter months?  Who knows??  But dang his snowboard boots are lookin tight while sitten courtside at the Lakers game.


hot skates!

i met aaron 'hot skates' daly years ago.  He approached me at all-city in september and reminded me of our times together.  Ran into him at the all-city premier last week again where he showered me with a plethora of beverages.  hot skates rules.



the homies from the city made the trek up north to skate the mini last night.  We ended up with a rad crew and a fun session, with the cast of characters including:  Soren, Garza, Jefferson Elliott, RPS Ben, Ross (the wanderer), James (jihad) Denton, Brick the Prick, Moondoggy deluxe, the gingerturd and myself.  Put that crew in yer pipe and smoke it and you got a bunch of washed up nobodys with a bunch of fruntside scratchers.  fun times........fun times indeed.

prepare yerself for a bundle of same angle boringness.

the gingerturd's a rock'n'rolla.

backward ollie, forwards nosegrind

brick the prick.  fakie ollie snatch.


Zac Garza.  feebz.


moondoggy.  feebz fakles.

brick started launching out to wall bash.  the homeowner was werried about the drywall but we all assured him of our patching expertise.  shulda assured him of our buld changing abilities.

he darn near had it........

and again.........
eventually resulting in this.....

all smiles.  kids gotta play.

video maybe.......



bangin at wrentawn........


why so many posts all the sudden?

well ma and pa Smith hooked their son up with a macbook for x-mas.  Never woulda thought, but man so kick ass.  Anyways i'm currently sitting in a coffeeshop right now with the creative-blog juices a dripping.  Amazing how getting out the normal dank edit dungeon gets the brain werking.

Jamie Weller sent me this video.

Usurper/Jivaro christmas party.  Lots of homies including three pivotal members of the tortilla army.

Usurper Skateboards And Jivaro Wheels X-mas Party from USURPER SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.


i know its winter........

and we barely had a summer this year, but i believe the internet tan lines are by far the most abundant of lines to date these days.

and just because yer gay.


well. guys outta his gourd.

one fall.............



Matt Edgers from Bent Metal on Vimeo.

yeah its boardin bro.  snows fun and matts the man.






i went down south.  i was taken in as per usual by jihad and alex with the help of friends like the dirty D, S Dog Deluxe, brick the prick, the human weedleef, CEO, Shaps, ect. ect.  This post has no focus but if i was to give it one it may be on the new skate facility called Beacon Hill.  shitz lookin tight.  Anyways, i did the normal, i shouldn't haves.  Alex hooked up the kill $2.50 burger and fries where dirt mcgurt proceeded to buy sum, at the time delightful, but come morning, time disgusting shots.......................  O yeah.  as far as all-city went.........we won that shit.   happy holidaze.....

marginal is getting better and better.  Just ask S-dog.

underpass wildlife.

Zach Rochstad has been doin sum rad NHS recreations.

of course he was with me.

 quite the view.  Beacon Hill.  should be open anyday.  concretes completely done.

the dudes werking on the park asked if we could skate a 20 ft. bowl........  Anyways.  20 ft. deepend.

brezinski dish.


Macenzie, the human weed leaf and CEO.


spot check................

run o da mill............

see ya soon seattle.



finnally sum clips.........

these are from a couple different days in october.  yep.  im super behind.  anyways enjoy.  more to come. hope to c u at the all-city premier on tuesday.



its been cold.......

real cold.  unforunately the cameras haven't been coming out much (especially the still clicker).  I was lucky enough to get a couple snaps at sunset (4:00 p.m.)  the other day.  so here you go, nothin special, just the homies and me clickin clicks.  i have a 6 minute edit from 2 days uploading now so thats next.  makin up for lost time........

i shouldn't be spacin this dudes name........feel bad.  think it's Adrian.  backside nosepick on de teardrop that will make you cry.

Tyler Dubois.  SaranWrapCrailTap.  Apparently he is in L.A. right now.  lucky guy...........NOWISON........

Tyler Again.  outta da ditch BSTS.........

edit tonight or tommorow.  Dont get your hopes up.  Just a gaggggle of park footy.  But hey, seamus and alex got clipz........


pointless crap......

after not having the net for the last two weeks i have now been back surfin bra!  gotta say.  after the first couple days i had completely forgotten what had become such a regular in my life.  pretty sad really.  Found myself sewing and raking leafs in my yard instead of looking at the hodgepodge of www.'s that yes are entertaining, but no, doing nothing to better myself or heck even my lawn.  Well in my melee of checking the breaks just now i stumbled upon this.

sums it all up  


i'm back!

sorry about the complete lack of tortillaism in your life.  My computer has been down since thanksgiving.  Were back up and running so be on your toes and ready for sum good stuff. 

to begin.  the all-city premier is Dec 20th down in seattle.  go to this, it's gonna be a good time.  Yes we had a team and yes we didn't get much done but we sure had a good time.......