ginger ginger......

the ginger and juice got rad in about 37 minutes before he had to shuffle off to werk.  later bellingham.  the weather made it rad.  o, and garza's hospitality.  thnx bud.




while walking in the woods i spotted a fairy.  A mystical, mythical creature, very seldom scene by the human race.  was able to get a few quick snaps although these photos may vanish before yer eyes at any moment if the fairy no longer wishes to be scene. 

get dusted.



it continues......

making things happen here in the city.  heading out again right now.  sunday.  less traffic.  people are getting drunk and green.  full post soon. 



the new vert ramp in seattle......

is a monstrosity.  By far the biggest and tallest ramp ive ever seen.  the construction is a absolute trip.  the tent/scaffolding/shelter settup for the beast is absolutely insane.  The whole thing is plain bonkers.  props to the peepz who put in all this werk and also everyone out there gettin sum on the ramp.  Definintely gonna need to bring the ol pads for that bad boy.

We showed up early in the day where Chris Cope got right to it and started rippin.  we got a rad photo early in the day before a herd of humans rolled in.  Jihad and Brick slowly stepped to the beast as well.  Just the drop in required getting the kahones in place and the mind focused.  Did i mention the thing is real real big?

Later on the the eve a bunch of seattle heads started to role thru.  it was cool to see so many of our/the older generation all in one place skating.  there was: Hubbard, Shaggy, S-Dog Deluxe, CEO, Fat Chris, the 5, Max, Brice, along with our crew: myself, Brick, Jihad, Sperm and Chris.  Things were getting heated and the ramp was getting put to good use.  Just watching Shaggy skate the thing, was a sight to be seen.  absolutely humbling and time to peace out and get sum pho.

good times that day.  here are a few snap shots.  i will post some video tommorow or the next.

  13.5 ft and 15.5 ft.


the gutz and stuff.

jihad stands tall utop 15.5 ft of fast as britches birch plywood.

chris cope with a invert on the extenstion.

brick filled with glee after he dropped in for the first time and got sum scratchers.

jihad sums up the plunge, while brick feels his elevated heart rate.

Seattle looks to be a destination in the vert werld now.  a absolutely amazing creation.  go and check it out.  bring big wheels, maybe a skate tool, and prolly sum pads....... just sayin.  yer 53mm aren't gonna get ya where ya wanna be.



this weekend....

i ended up meetin the homies out in whidbey island.  Kyle from Blackmarket skateshop had to deliver sum boards to Gizmos in Oak Harbor, and with a van full of sum of my greatest pals?  im there.  got the call and jumped on a boat.  Long story short, it didn't go as planned.  as soon as we got to the area we wanted to skate, it was suddenly wet.  After the board drop off and a little motivation and my squegee, things were pretty much dry.  for about 20 minutes........... 

a little tracking never stopped sum pent up car legged skaters though.  next thing you know, brick and brice are sessioning a very hard to skate pyramid contraption in the drizzle.  neither of the boys tricks were comin very easy so brice hyped the sesh with a wager.  first one to land their trick gets to punch the other dude in the face.  I wasn't sure how this would turn out so i just kept filming.....



coal pad article......

there is a article in the new issue of the Mt. Baker Experience about the C. Pad, a print magazine outta whatcom county.  It's nice they didn't botch worms werds, and actually used the action photo i gave them, instead of sum "guy in the sky" photo, which non-skate publications generally seem to do.  green lights!

online version


this is good.......




is back in the northwest!!!

within a few minutes i learned yet another new bit of slang.

sorry.  won't be posting it here on the tilla.  catch up with him yerself and learn sumptin new.



da gingaturd.........

is still continuing to crush da croncrete waves.  here he is at the new Sedro Wooley porkhe , with sum cameos at the crapditch, la conner and sum of bellinghams finest street locales.  you see?  i told you its toadly awesum up hero.

o yeh.  seamus filmed this on his mobile chatter.



those guys you see around have been doing it for a real long time fur seattle.  Joe, Micah, Steve......  Stoked to fumble upon this gem today.



brick gets down on the native battlefield last eve.  five-oh.



im here at.......

the meattortilla traveling headquarters formulating and conjuring up ideas of never missing "THE SHOT".  This chap has the right idea.  Coming to a skatepark near you.

and another sweet move by Mr. Alv.  switch walljamunji.



this thing is no joke.  jihad isnt that small of a human.  a whole lof of respect.