matt edgars at the coal pad D.I.Y.

my hardrive contains so many photos.  Most of which i don't even remember taking.  Thats part of why i even set up this blog.  to post all them pretty files.  Here's two of Mr. Matt Edgars at the coal pad in Glacier, WA in snapped a couple years back.



more original content to come..  apparently Mr. Cam Barrett is in town so hopefully he will grace the pages of the tortilla in the next couple days.



original gangsta...

finally sumptin created with my own hands and friends.  filmed sum more today with seamus, alex, and the ginger as the boiz have slowly been coming outta their 420-dumb.  anyways, until i gather a little more gar-bage.

sky sure was nice today.  film-wise, would'a made for sum nice pre-line panning, that is is the boyz hadn't been to moon-cabbage hungover still.

i think camo-kevin was kind enough to bring that plastic jersey down to the park.  man, anything, i mean anything adds to the excitement to our pile of crap these days (how did we end up with such a certified?).  The Ginger ollies up, over and into the crapditch as the spring sun sets over Whatcom county.


ive heard of people.....

falling down stairs before......


original content soon.......

been out filmin again.  collecting for a edit but its hard when stupid days like 4/20 come around.  doesn't do much for the talents motivation.  Its now the 23rd and people are still on the couch watching The Walking Dead, munching tapitio doritos, looking like extras from before mentioned show.  until then, more internet glory.  This time, it's Cancer Dan.  the monkey plants are all time!!! 



diy is everywhere these days.  Besides the obvious rad things about diy i love seeing what each group of individuals comes up with and creates.  i also love seeing the scene at the spot.  Same scenario everywhere.  All the homies skating, laughing, and shootin the shit.  Its sumptin we are all quite familiar with and it always brings a smile to my face seeing it in different parts of the werld.  Atlanta has it going on and their crew besides being heavy, just seems down for the right reason.  Remember that photo of Grant a few posts back?



one of my favorite.......

NW montages.  if you get a chance peep the whole Toebock video "don't act famous", it doesn't dissapoint.



photo: Price

press releas: DGK skateboards annonces justin bieber sponsorship.

March 30, 2012
Dirty Ghetto Kids Skateboard Company Announces Sponsorship Deal With Pop Star Justin Bieber
In a press conference held in Miami, Florida following a sold out performance from Justin Bieber on his "Skate Hard, Dance Hard" 2012 tour, Bieber was joined by pro skateboarder Stevie Williams to announce an intriguing new direction for the young pop star.

"I'm very happy to announce that DGK: Dirty Ghetto Kids is entering an exclusive sponsorship and licensing deal with my main man right here, Mr. Justin Bieber." Williams, owner of DGK Skateboards told the press in attendance. "Some of those out there who know our brand well may be shocked at this announcement... " Williams continued. "... but when you think of it, it makes perfect sense, nahmsayin? One of DGK's mottos is "For Those Who Come From Nothing." DGK is all about rising up as high as you can possibly can, being the best you can possibly be, and proving the haters wrong. Some little white boy from suburban Canada is about as likely to become the world's biggest popstar as some little ghetto kid from Philly is to start one of skateboarding's strongest brands. My homey Biebs is a perfect fit for DGK."

"Besides, let's face it, the kid's got swag." Williams added with a smirk.

"I'm really really super excited to be working with DGK." Bieber said while stepping to the microphone. "I think this will be a great opportunity for both parties involved. For my part, I plan to expose the brand to an entirely new group of people through my amazing fan base. I've been wearing the gear everywhere!"

"In return, my partnering up with DGK will greatly increase my legitimacy in the skate world. Besides singing and dancing, and performing live, and recording albums, and buying clothes, skateboarding is definitely the biggest thing in my life, and I'd really like to expand my fanbase past the predominantly pre-teen female demographic it currently occupies."

"For real." Williams adds, backing up his new business partner. "Lotta dudes out there think that Bieber's just a phony, just a poser, or some sort of sissy boy, nahmsayin? A real soft bitch. But people forget that Justin's been skating almost as long as he's been singin'."

When asked if he was concerned about possible bad blood between him and the owners of Girl Skateboards, Williams commented "I know lots of people think I'm stepping on toes since Girl was already flowing Bieber boards."

"But me and Rick and Mike [Howard and Carroll, owners of Girl Skateboards] have been through thick and thin. We got past it when I left Chocolate to start DGK, and God willing, we'll get through this."

"When it comes down to it, this is a big move for DGK." Williams explains. "But we want to make it clear that this is a sponsorship deal of a celebrity entertainer. We are partnering with Biebs because of his high-profile status. He's not a new DGK rider, but he is now part of the DGK family. But with that being said, the fact that he skates really makes him a perfect fit for the brand, and we'd like to announce that in between tour dates and late nights in the studio, Biebs has been hitting up Da Playground filming for an exclusive web-only skate section to shut up the haters."

"We're not saying we found the next Sheckler or nothin'." Williams assures the crowd, "But he's gotta be at least as good as Lenny Rivas."

taken from youwillsoon.  yoink.