gross graffiti

today i was cruising around having a artsy fartsy photo time when i stumbled upon this! yes that is a maxi pad stuck to this fine specimen of art. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. brain wash.

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Janh Juh Juh

Whooo! I feel like somebody slipped me aderol in my sleep last night. Errabody call me lets bust some physical math equations. Whooo! -Cam




this is probably my favorite website out there. if you havent heard of it, definately give it a thorough browsing. anyway. check the photo of the day by scrolling down on the main page. itll be on the left side! click it! me hyped.




yesterday I slammed onto my face rolling into the qpipe at burlington. yea, the one that is twice as small as me. I think theres a lesson here that goes; skateboarding can make you fall on your face especially when you are feelin really comfy. Now whos entering the downhill race with me next weekend?(i think winner gets a surf board babes) -Cam


sasquatch sighting.

or at least some pictures of some new pieces of his. Recyling records son.


New Four Duos Montage

Cam is probably too humble to post this, but I get stoked knowing that he is getting some coverage

- Nasty Nate


its kind of.....

a rainy gloomy day. This clip always makes me feel better. Enjoi.