spooky times.......and a costume contest......

i don't care what you say.  David Lo Pan was one spooky muther fucker.  On my chinese side of my family my grandparents had a large tapestry style painting of a character that looked just like Lo Pan.  I used to ask my mom if we could take it down while we visited, but my paw paw (chinese for grandmother) wasn't about to have her half breed grandson dictate any sort of interior design decisions.  creepy shit i tell you.  long ass fingernails and eye shadow......

if your dressing up send me pictures of you in yer costume.  I'll post them and people can vote on the best.  Winner gets a box of swag..........

email to:  jaredthedolphin@gmail.com
                subject: holloweenie





a couple weeks ago i sum how ended up at the casino down in the skagit valley........  first time gambling.  went really good.  too good actually.  Is it always that easy???  nope.  found that out last night.  got schooled in ten minutes.  i was out...........barely. 

the danger zone.

this guy kindly informed me pictures were not to be taken inside the establishment.  Nice guy, nicer pose.  the lip pose girls kill for.

the next day the UNKNOWN BOARDSHOP had a high/long ollie contest thing at the crapditch.

it was like a pez dispenser of munchkins.  plop, plop, plop, plop.

hard to ollie the wiggle worm

the stack gets larger


pretty sweet

keegna brown.



brick toast......

heres one i shot a few years ago of mr. brick strait.  The skateboard mag was kind enough to publish this one online.  oldie but goodie.  bumland R.I.P.

one of the few times i took the time to set up three flashes.  I generally think its overkill.  less is more.  i am pleased with how this came out though.  what do you think?.......


harvest gnarfest.......

is here again up at the lynden fairgrounds this saturday.  always a goodtime.

sum footage of from sum of our previous visits.......

lets go..




its that time of year again.  skatin has to be moved indoors.  luckily we have a option and that option is pretty darn sweet. 

serious business with these guys

zac garza with the ol pivot grind to fakie.  This part of the ramp used to be 2 feet taller.  wish it hadn't got cut down.

and then there were a lot of these as the night had progressed and i had pulled out my camera.


hot dogs, hot dawgerz, free helmets, and a dude with a bullhorn.......

sedro wooley park opening was a good time....until the masses showed up and the hotdoggerz starting spewing the AIRTIME all over the fresh concrete.  the park is real nice.  the rain held off and on for a bit, but finally decided to check in for the day......... from the looks of it, maybe the next 6 months.  anyways, check out this amazing action photo sum fella snagged of me.  booya!  another example of nonskaters taking amazing skateboard photos.  at least my wallet looks full.

ripping......  and it was kinda of a ego blow when i looked at the crowd and noticed not even one of the 30 people on the deck are watching my moves.  O wait, maybe the kid in the green helmet.  phew.  hotdogger blues........bummer......hopefully at the next park grand opening.



cam barrett......

heres one from the cookie jar i shot maybe 3 or 4 years ago.  looks kinda like a mob kickflip if you didn't know how cam did his tre's.  throw that thing out there.  3 from the balcony after the foliage fell.

four posts in one day.......

must be wet outside.  sumone's sole form of entertainment whilst raining must be a portable silver square fruit box.  i like this one.  most everything slave does i'm pretty hyped on i guess.  i like their font, choice of tunes, and the way the krue skates.  This one is no exception.  this weather and this clip just remind me how badly we need a indoor facility in this town..............  black box looks like a good time.  shultz shreds.


kobrah is a zine.....

its about skateboarding.  they made a video and it's actually pretty rad.  hesh and fresh.  a rad diy segment with a cool deadkennedys cover with a cameo by ron allen and a wide range and cast of characters with good tunes.  when you have 20 and yer avoiding the wet, peep it.


art showz are all the same........

A show for Matt French at the Unknown Boardshop in Bellingham last friday was no exception.  A artist, sum peepz.  i just happened to be holding my camera.

the sandwhich board tellz the masses

a cool dia de muertos installation, john aguilar and his wife put together in the window at the unknown.


grahams art

tofe stopped by

the guy with the art on display, matthew french

Zac owns a skateshop

phil owns the tattoo shop next door, Sabbath.  get ink there.

and bob werks at phils.

random kittens


and ben

matt's stuffz

igor approved.  thumbz up.



skatepark opens tommorow.  there having sum kind of grand opening shenanigans and it looks like its gonna rain.  i could care less about sum crappy punk bands and sum hotdoggers showcasing their talents anyway so whatever.  Let the hype of the new park happen then hopefully quickly die down, so we can make this our new home.  looks to be one of funnest bowls ive seen.

thats whats up.....

and then sum randoms i find particularly pleasurable to the peeperz.

see you in the val bro.