sumone just texted me.......

about this.  this happened.......srping 2011?  i guess i meant 2013.


i was gonna come.....

up with sum clever schpiel about slaves in the south blah blah blah.......  Woulda been dumb.  long story short, here is the slave team in the northwest.



to ryan and angie williams on the birth of their son, Jack Ryan Williams!!!  So happy for you guys.  Future X-Games gold medalist for sure.  Ryan, get that boy to werk, soon payin for your fishin habit at a ripe young age...............  By the way, I am for hire as a personal trainer/role model.  That is if you havnt already hired Leon for the position.

Ryan Williams, metamorphic ollie.  Bellingham, sum years back.


tryin to get my mind........

of things.  S.F.  you would be the best answer.

cam barrett.  no one ever skates this thing.  in fact this is the only photo i have ever shot here in all my years.

 a water grind as gay as a dolphin breaching a tidal ripple.  ladies and gentleturds.  me.

the donk-man.  no-one will ever forget this guy.  touched more lifes than he will ever know.  forever in our heartz homie.

Mr. P.  dog biscuits and rainbows forever homie.



cards. pic: ogden

s-dog.  pic: POD

jihad and darla came up and stayed the night at the crib in the ham last night.  toight homies.



cruising the beach comfortably........

without your shoes.  yes please.


usurper at the coal pad........

spring is here.  summers next.  camping, fishin, skatin, bbq-in.  Bring it.  Coal pads a go.  Don't forget to thank Jeremy Miller next time you see him cause this shiz wouldn't exist if it wer'nt for his gusto bruther.



go and check out.......

THE UN KNOWN.  while yer there you can peep the photos i hung.  Crapp fred meyer printz, so a lot of them are way to dark or super off color-balance.  you will get the point.  mty art form and the boyz rippen.




its pretty dang exciting that there is a new skateshop opening in town.  And guess what??  it's run by a skater and they plan to do things to support and stimulate our skate scene.  Nothing at all against the other shops (u guys have been great) which have supplied our needs in previous times, but it's been a long while since we've had a shop that strived to do sumthing for the scene, the skaters know that and the town is ready for sumptin fresh.   That being said and all the years past of settling with what was available to us, i didn't really pay much heed until I spent a few days down at THE UNKNOWN.   I now realize that it's full on and the guy behind it, mr. zac garza, means business.  I mean he already has the couch and the skate vids playing (the most important thing of all).  I would think it silly to open another shop in a town which honestly only needs one, but the thing is, every town needs a strong backbone in their skate/snow community, and in giving that, he's going to succeed (he will be carrying snowboards fyi.  a must to make it in this town).  Everyone i've talked to is super hyped and backing his endeavor.  kudos man.  The shop boards are looking sick!!  Anyways, less importantly, i hung sum pics on the wall for you all to enjoy (tryin to do my part to contribute) so go check em out and more importantly, support these guys and all there hard werk.  stoked for you Zac!!


check the shop decks..... Only $35-  bbbrrrrraaapppppppp.

and a commercial already....



san francisco....

so i was texting with cam a few days ago about how much i needed a vacation.  Some time out with the boys, doin what we do best.  I figure it wouldn't hurt if we got sum photos/video along the way on this adventure (both of which i nerd out on) and legitimize the productivity level of our possible pile out.  Anyways, he mentioned a S.F. trip at the end of march.  Don't know if ima be able to take the week off but man.................  Finding this video of a crew, possibly similar to our own ripping dem streets on the net just now, has really got the bug a creepin.  I remember when i used to drop everthing and just go.  makes me think.


just fricken radical.......

One of the tortillas original sons, Mr. Cam Barrett.




posing hot......



all city showdown 2011

here is our little part from the all-city vid.  got it in the mail today.  so rad.  hyped to see so much rad sjkating if different sorts goin down all in one day in one city.  radicool.

be postin my own edit from the day7 real soon now that i got my tapes back.