do it yourself

went out to the coal pad. We skated and put in sum work. I guess the other day, worm and ryan were headed out there, saw a squatters cinder-block bbq along the side of the road, pulled over and jacked the blocks. good stuff. make it happen.




i use to have to split......

quite a bit of wood when i was a kid. I also use to have to rake a years worth of horse crap into to piles and transport it to the back lot as a lad, which would take a week and my pops would give my brotha and I 10 bucks, which is a lot when it comes to baseball cards and pixie sticks. even though he was my eldest, I always would throw it at him...........




footage of the 2009 Juggalo convention. what the fuck? are you kidding me. Suddenly being surrounded by trustafarian psuedo hippies seems so rad. Farmers market this weekend anyone? And by the way, I like all sorts of music, but the insane korn mash can dissapear for good. forever.


bought new.....

socks today. earphones to. so nice.

cellphone crap.


uh oh.