mamiya RB 6x7///  ...whats up with this spot??? anyone skated it?  yep.............

this guy has..............cannonette rangefindage..........3's and raniers...............

da mutha fuggin jihad..........



rio the horse.........


this is my fathers horse.  i shot these maybe 6 years ago when he first got him.  velvia crossprosscessed for the photo nerdz.



im not one to...........

follow or even care about who gets Thrashers SOTY, but if grant taylor has a full part web vid coming out on the thrasher site this month, i'm pretty sure they just uninformally announced their choice.  SOTY or not, a full part from this dude gets me hyped.



one big photo dump............

poo poo

smells like it..........

by the way...... This is the meattortillas offical congratulatory post to Mr. Ryan Williams and his wifey who are having a baby BOY!  boo yah.  kids gonna be doin airs like this in ten years topz.  watch out.

my ol' trusty suby, the burgundy turtle.   miss ya ol gal.

camuel barrett.

classic sean mansfield.  he was always hammin it up.  Rest in peace my brutha.  think of you every single day.

look at my face.  while trying to give the Mr. a piece of salami, he jumped up and landed all his weight on my jewels.  a cruel manuever to pull when your papa's tryin to give you cured italian meats.

two of my favorite people.  leon fire.  matt edgars.

this is a seriously gnarly crew.........  good thing there my palz and on my side.

the first picture of the poo........ leon ate it on his birthday.


rad, rad, and rad.

this guy is one of the best boarder dudes in whatcom county.  never see him skate anymore.

war stories.

cam barrett.

matt edgars has a great lien air.  On another occation in the exact same spot he set down his wheelz instead of his tail on the pool block sending him all the way to the bottom.  e.r.

this ramp was in the middle of a field in town.  super random and a total piece of crud.  its gone now.  Mike Fleemon goes crailblock of a now non-existent wooden turd.

thanks for the memories friends.  keep em coming.  the gangs all here.



skateboarding has been painful at times.......

no wonder im feelin a little slow at 33.  these were all within a years time period.  i think when i was still trying but getting worse...........



josh mohs

always rad running into old friends.  Got to catch up with mr. mohs on the curb for a minute at all city this year.  dudes kindness never seems to fade.

a true washington legend



in the blink of an eye...........

a video clip is done and a new one has no doubt followed.  i, like everyone else loves watching skateboarding films but a still photo although silent, speaks a thousand more werds of the whole situation at hand.  i don't feel i need to go into detail about what i mean and no doubt, i'm sure most people disagree with me on which one tells more of any given moment.  maybe its cause i take pictures?  o wait, i hold the other kind of camera to.  Anyways, Steve Forstner from austria came out with a new part and it's radical.  after i watched i once last night and seeing as my camera was already on my desk, i began shooting stills of steve's part while i gave it a second gander.  Most are probably gonna hate this post but i don't care.  just seeing the stills i took only backs my feelings even more about a still versus a mover.

video proof of the photos.  all makes here buddy.



little ray?

ill be honest.  i was never really a fan of ben raybourne.  sure the kid is insane but sumptin about him........  Well kid just keeps gettin better and better and his style.......  it's comin together faster than ever.  He's comin in of his tricks to tail/rail as quick as you can do it.  Dude just pulled a slot on slave and this part got me hyped for sure.


a bad crop.........

while googling "harvest gnarfest" looking for other takes on the event i stumbled upon this ad.   I'm not sure whats werse.  Having absolutely no idea or information a photograph of yours was used for a ad or having to see that the photos composition was completely butchered in before mentioned ad.  thats a hard one.  Im gonna go with the composition butchering.  ain't nothin werse.  one of those things you wish you never would have googled upon. 



last weekend was........

the harvest gnarfest and just like last year our small crew of corndawgs went up and made the most of the setup inside the pigbarn at the northwest washington fairgrounds.  edit coming soon.

the judges circle.

Sandro Grison from color magazine, Sammy Luebke, and Matt French.