curb post earlier.....

cirb post now.   Sam has fun and is bad 2 da bone.

this has no racial conentations.  Basically its kinda funny and i also happened to be talking to a person tonight at the bar about how much harder people of other ethnic backrounds bust their asses compared to us, of the yerapee-in decent.  Anyways, heres to you haysooz.





a Sperm tale............

a few years back my friend Sperm and I were sitting having a sandwich at a cafe and outta the blue, he looks over at me nonchelantely and says, "jared, wouldn't that be cool if Alf walked around the corner, said hi and just sat at our table for lunch?"..............


spacecampfivehourboner comin ...........

in hot with another epic edit.  im even up in this piece flexing mad gay photo glory stance stricly for dem ponys.

jihad and i celebrating pure radical awesumness that is sweet moves.



its not dumping

matt edgars.  by far one of my favorite human beings.  sloshing flash and roll a few moons back.

yes there is more to skate in glacier these days than bellingham.

mike olsons'

dirt floor

see you soon.


a shitty waffle..........


good ol' bellingham.......

how could anyone actually want another persons nappy beaded dread lock?  I kinda got the heebie jeebies when i saw nyjah's dread on thrashers king of the road webisodes and that was the multi-million dollar turd of hair.  Well another mans trash is another man's treasure i suppose.

click the pick to enlarge........