skaters with bad tats!

Bad tattoos are so hot right now and i think its totally awesumly hilarious.   i will be searching out and posting ones i steal off of other blogs over the next few weeks.  

first subjeckt:

1. Jake Duncombe:  He’s got a dude farting out another dude who is doing a handplant on a ramp. There is some genius there, but it’s undeniable that the whole leg immediately makes you think of that kid that couldn’t stop drawing on himself or his clothes in middle school.  Pure awesumness!




there was sum sort of epic solar eclipse a couple days ago.  this is what we here in the northwest corner of the pacific northwest were lucky enough to see......

in other news, jimmy and brick blew me off this weekend after tales of meeting up and me blowing off much needed work.

and i found this clip to be quite rad.




i'm all about photographing new things in new and interesting ways but this new trend  taking popularity with russian teens seems a bit, well insane.



skateboarding.........blood, sweat and years....

i'm down for anybody starting skating at any age and also (to an extent) with the overwhelming increasing popularity and acceptance of something we have made our life's.  I mean it has undoubtedly created more parks, helps pay friends of mine to live the life they only dreamed of and has probably helped me in getting money for photos from time to time.  However this article kinda turns me off to the whole rad dad scenario taking over society's take on skateboarding (i can't say our scene).  I guess i'm sumwhat proud, heck maybe even a little defensive.  Don't get me wrong.  I have nothing but love for any skater of any age and skill level (5 foot air, 5 foot kickturn, a goon's a goon) but i suppose it's just a little more than a passing trend or weekend hobby that the NY Times can write an article about in the sunday edition to me.



how can this be real??

And how could sumone build this thinking that this is going to be fun?  I mean i have skated a lot of piles of junk that were really a good time.  I personally like janky contraptions, but this, this is a certified piece of crap.



o boi...........

here we go again.  The downside to our acceptance as normal people who also have enjoyed being active way before it was ok in their eyes.  More parks I guess.


a little skinny......