music was good 24 years ago...

and boy does this park look like it has nice chi.

anyone no where?   east coast sumwheres guessing by the rooted beings.

so hippy right now.


sunny saturday.....

one of them long hairs has sum serious creative juices pouring all over.  a god watch while it rains amigos.



two of the greatest creatures....

Mr. P and the Donk man lurking at the wilson street compound a few years ago.  This day Donnkie pulled quite a unsatisfactory manuever involving my boy that had something to do with some very inappropriate pants around the ankles type shananigans.  I can't go into anymore details but some of you may know the story.  Only Donnkie......

Jaime Weller, coal pad boneless.  pic: POD

Go skateboarding day in NYC.  I spot a sausage and zach rochstad amongst a sea of hungry skateboard loving humans.  As seen on skateboarder magazines GSD post.



seal, austyn, mr. p and deegan......

here is a photo of my boy and his good pal deegan.  This was the first photo i shot trying out this new photog technique to me.  Mr. P really was my muse for the werld of photography for me.  I probably have a thousand photos of the guy...........

arrrooo, arrrooo......... or however you would spell the sound seals make.

a cool film by colin kennedy featuring austyn gillette.  yeah i don't usually like to link the content of the berrics, but i'm a fan of colin's werk and austyn's skating, so deal.




the next week is dedicated to Mr. P, my best friend of 13 years who left this world last night.  It's weird when 13 years of yer life revolved around a creature, habits and routines with said creature and just the straight up company of such an amazing beast, only to have it suddenly be gone.  He truly was my best friend and the closest thing to me ever.  Damn i'll miss you little bear.




two views......

matt french snapped the zany i-phone photo on the left of me snappin sunset silhouettes last night.



"the gathering of the juggalos"

a few years back you may remember, i posted a video of the "gathering of the juggolos".  Well photographer Daniel Cronin has taken it upon himself to document this event through a series of photographs.  Whoop whoop! 

check it out!


another day at the crapditch.....

da ginger

joe, lipslide.

again, krooks.

then he went into a steel reserve fueled attack!

this kid got quite the show, was pretty entertained and was pretty cool, but quickly became 'that' kid at the park that day.

short edit soon.  heck maybe today.



saturday stoke.....Magnolia...Seattle..WA.

Yeah, this spot gets photographed a lot, but for very obvious reasons right?  Thing about this photo though, is the two little canines chasing after Jihads nose wheelie.  It was rad.  I shot this maybe ten times, and in each photo these two little buggers are chasing after him.  It was really really rad.  Over and over they would go.  I love me sum doggies.  Go doggies!

Jimmy jihad.  Magnolia Hill, Seattle, WA.



poop pump!

this is really neat for two reasons.  The first is obvious.  It says "poop pump".  Now correct me if i'm wrong but that's funny.  Even a 65 year old would get a good chuckle.  The second reason is that it is a pump for draining pools, which we skateboarders like to ride.  One problem, we don't really have any of those but whatever.

poop pump 




i have always kept the tortilla PG.  Well maybe not PG but there has never been any boobs, vaginas, or weiners up on this piece.  And skipping just simple photos of the before mentioned, unmentionables (as my mother would call them) and straight to a twelve pack of wood, hummers and multiple doggy style visualz seems like a big leap, i'm just gonna showcase it.  Mother natures version at least.   This is just one of those sites someone recomends to you, that is actually pretty darn good.  No people of wallmart.com , just a good ol' site with a collection of photos of mother nature being natural.


made a diy fisheye lens.......

for the ol' blogger camera today!  woo hoo.  also.  finally gonna piece together a new edit.  Been a little bit hasn't it?

rainy day no-brainer.

yep. this happened........

Perfect for the bored hippy-skaters out there.  i bet rollin all them spliffs really helps build up the pushin muscles this new activity.




A simple but clever series that is graphic and interesting.  You don’t need to travel 5000 miles, have a $5000 camera, or have a huge budget to make a personal project good.  Seems like the best ones are always simple but interesting.


“Car Poolers.” A series showing carpooling practiced by workers in Monterrey, Mexico.
by Alejandro Cartagena