photo battle.

i'm up against sum fella in a little photo battle over on yobeat.com.  Please head over and vote for me.  Danka.

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paint the park

throughout the years ive been to a lot of different skateparks and seen a lot of diverse things painted on them (well not so diverse).  Usually it's yer standard bong/weed leaf, "biker fags!", "ICP", "suck cock for coke", the standard dick and nutz, ect, ect, ect.  For the most part it is all real bad and always the same.  Bellingham is no exception to the before mentioned, minus the colorful cityscape from ten years ago that lasted a week (who remembers that?).  There was recently a organized park cleanup day.  It involved painting over all the poor unsightly existing graff/tags while matt french re-added right back to the mess.   Anyways, right now the park is a clean canvas ready for sum new life.  It's time for sumptin creative, clean, colorful, thought out, and un-offensive.  This is basically a call out/shout-out.  Bring it.

look what sumone did at the Dent in Kent recently.  This is what I wanna see kiddos.  I been lurkin there since day one, so make me happy and give it fresh face.  Heck, do it for Mr. P.



and now.....A Ian Ruther interview.

truly inspiring guy.   " Yea, people think I hate digital and I don’t. It’s more like I had a vision in my mind, how I see the world, and there wasn’t the tools and pieces for me to make those images, so I dreamt up this whole thing to produce what was in my mind and in my heart."

  full interview here

one of photography's finest.



wet plate photography with ian ruther!

wow, another amazing video showcasing some of ian ruthers work with wet plate photography and his giant truck camera.  Probably the most inspiring thing for me i have seen.......ever.

Silver & Light: A Day In Los Angeles With Ian Ruhter from Laura Austin on Vimeo.




friend of the tortilla, all around talented creature and traveling nomad, Mr. Blair Habenicht getting pitted in a central oregon break.

no snowboard this snowboard that comments please........  have fun on board........ Blair ripppz.

a bunch of random photos for a rainy sunday

danny and I.  i was really getting back to my asian roots this night.

speaking of danny.  kickflip on the good side of town.

one of the tortillas favorite sons, now rose city transplant, mr. cam barrett and bobby.

good ol luke cevitch-strong loving his new coalpad shurt

michael ranquet

elwah river damn

aerial crapditch

the ginger with his trusty corndog shield and a backsmith into the corner.

found a mander

will it ever happen?




this thing showed up at a santa barbara airport recently and apparently caused a little bit of talk.  I guess powell has its own plane to shuttle around its team extreme.  I give them props on the plane though.  I could imagine DC with sum souped up super jet with diamond coated propellers.  I read the comments page discussing the plane, and after someone commented this explaining the plane, 

"Yes, it is our new ride for our skateboard teams. Skate One is the parent company of Powell Peralta, Bones, and a number of skateboard brands.
So far we have been to Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada. Heading east soon. This is not the "grim reaper" it is our signature "ripper" graphic on our tail.
This Kodiak can carry 8 with gear about a thousand miles and land on very short strips. When we come to a new airport, people do notice it..... ;-)",

 another individual replied with this,

"Well if it is a skate board company, why do they use the airport? Couldn't they just land anywhere kind of like skateboarders do no matter if they damage any property or injure anyone else that gets in their way?"

People will continue to hate skateboarding no matter how many energy drink companies dump their dollars into it.  DRINK WATER



crapditchin in june

its been a grip since i put together a edit if mt footage for yer enjoyment so here ya go.  The boys gettin down at the crapditch-a-roo.

thnx fellas.




diaper duty......

takes time, but apparently the chairman still is finding time to rip sum lipz.


art by SPERM

michael childress (CEO) and i have been interneting back and forth drawings each of of us have accumulated from SPERM on different excursions of his to visit each of us.   when he was staying with me he would stay up all night after I went to bed, sitting at my computer desk, youtubing things, downloading nickatina and dystopia off pandora and filling my sketchbook with these gems.  He in fact was the induvidual that first started calling me subway.  dick.


-a classic skateshop scenario-

"well sir, I just bought this board 3 months ago and as you can see, the paint is just chipping right off.  I'm gonna need a refund or a new skateboard".



more photos ive taken from years past.

ryan williams.  fakie stalefish, bellingham, Wa.

mike fleemon.  fruntside crailblock,  bellingham, Wa.

al sandlin. backside handplant, bellingham, Wa.

ryan williams.  stalefish, glacier, Wa.