$200,000 K for a skate contest?.....

apparently Nyjah Huston won that street league championship contest over the weekend earning him a mellow $200,000 big ones.  Hard to believe an amount like that is handed out for kickflop back noseblunting a fabricated ledge these days.  Good for him.  I don't care and more money in skateboarding means more parks and more babes thinking a washed up 34 year old skate rat is rad.  Anyways along with all that money comes the unevitable unfortunate truth that large corporations which have nothing to do with skateboarding and are not skaters themselves are involved, and that...... well that is the part that sucks.

just look at this trophy Nyjah won in the contest?  you would think with that much money involved they would hire sumone who knew how to set up a board properly.  check yer trucks morons.

in more radical local news.  check out a recent photo from Sedro Wollz.


moving sucks.......

yep.  thats what i'm dealing with right now.  who wants to store my two fun boxes and two launch ramps for a bit?  heres a couple media rips that don't suck on this sucky moving monday.

whoa buddy.  surfin U.S.A.

jedi manueverings

phil shao was one badass mutha.




are pretty good about making things happen whatever the case may be.  It's no coincidence.  We are motivated, tough as nails humans that take things intro our own hands because sitting around waiting for it to happen or being directed or told how it should be done, just doesn't feel right.  Well  USURPER SKATEBOARDS is the churned out creation that spewed out Jamie Wellers mind and heart one day.  It's a grassroots company outta the rose city that has put together a rad little crew of boys and friends that is building rock solid skateboards for you to rip.  Did i mention two of the team riders have meattortilla tattoos?  Well a couple days ago i got a email from Jaime saying he may be coming up to Bellingham to do a little demo/bbq.  Now normally i would have been quite skepticle, as I hear this quite often from my skate buddies about making that BIG OL HUMONGOUS O SO LONG NEVERENDING journey up north but Jamie has that before mentioned drive.  Sure enough i just received a email confirming the mission for next weekend, along with the video below of the usurper team ripping the Windells park at Mt. Hood.  Get ready to see some rad skating, see our best buddies Cam Barrett, jimmy jihad and brick straight (usurper team turdz) and just have a overall fun weekend as the summer winds down itself.   Meattortillas backs Jaime and his endeavor and so should you.  You can pick up there boards at the Unknown Boardshop in Bellingham so do it.

 -sidenote (jaime is the head skate coach at Windells skate/snow camp at Hood and one of a couple doods responsible for creating the masterpiece of a skatescape up there.  I have heard out of the mouths of a lot of well traveled skate rats, that it is the best thing they have ever ridden.  Try and get there.  Also, keep an eye out for the enigma that is pete gunn it he makes it to bellingham.



sedro wooley is getting concrete!

the small town of sedro wolley, 25 minutes from bellingham and the gateway to the north cascades highway is getting a fuggin park!  Same crew that built La Conner (members of grindline) are building it and from the looks of it it's coming along rather quickly.  Lets cross our fingers on the beurocrats not getting to nit picky when it comes to actually opening the thing and maybe it will be rideable in a few weeks.  So stoked to have another rip so close to home, plus it gets the homies from down south up for a visit.  YES!

that's a lot of room for a lot of stuff!

looking good boys.