this is what i got goin on.......

get outta yer plush home/apt, buy a van and join me.  Lets hit the road down the coast, hell tommorow.  no tie downs, no rent, no billz.  you can do whatever you want.  seriously.  what do you have to lose.  think about it.


oldie but goodie.....

here is a photo i shot of sir ryan williams at Dahl park in north seattle when it first opened.  This quarter is perfect.  And the decklessness is rad but creates a most certain element of death and inner shin dismemberment, making tricks on the thing feel that much radder.  fruntside floater like only ryan has.

hey blair habenicht.  if yer out there, what up buddy?  hope yer well and i run into you soon.

if this doesn't make.......

me feel dumb about complaining about my aches and pains at the ripe age of 34, i don't know what will.  total fugging shred.

GMC was always werking on a installation of sorts last night when i stopped by the skateshop.  It involved strolling around downtown round bar closing time and leaving wheat-pasted sandwhich boards around the bar vacinitys.  Maybe one of you caught it?  to late for my blood these daze.

boys at werk getting things ready.


one day in new york city.......

with P.J. 

and as far as a video that gets me wanna get out the door and go get a rip?  this one does it.  a little promo video from mr. alv's company outta malmo sweden,  POLAR SKATE CO.

another nice day.  get outside.


bricks down......

i guess b.j. got a bolt thru the shoe and into the foot.  ain't lookin to purty.  get well homie.

skated this for the first time in a long time.  this was my first concrete diy mission.

xanadu is home




so in case you havent heard, the coal pad DIY skatespot is officially a go.  With that came a impromptu desconstruct-struct weekend.  Jeremy was in town to orchestrate, brice came up from seattle, sage was in town manning the giant machine with his skatepark building expertise and i, i was there to help with whatever i could.  We got a lot done.  Get hyped.  shits legal!!!!

the first night begins

sage knows whats up


i was twenty feet in the air in the bucket of the excavator here above rubbled concrete.  sage, watch the controls buddy.

brice sweeping up the mess, while spanky rips

20 ft. up

new back ameoba

brice just quit his long time job repping for NHS.  he wanted me to get a pick and show them what hes doing now!

puttin in a drain

hobo camp

theres a coal pad benefit skate contest at the bellingham park this saturday the 22nd with after party at the Redlight bar.  be there.



this makes me so happy........

25 minutes from Bellingham.  Population maybe 5,000.  Small towns always produce the best gems.  Way to to guys.  This crete looks amazingly promising.


being in transition.......

and without a home has been real good.  It has been forcing me to get out and constantly smell them roses instead of confining myself to the comforts of my home.  Been enjoying sunsets, hanging downtown at the skateshops, spending more time at the park.  Anyways, it's been real.  Heres a couple snaps from yesterday before it went real south.

never gets old.  Bellingham is a beautiful place.  Lummi and Orcas islands.

Josh Wilgress taking the road rarely traveled.


watch where yer going buster.



the fellows from USURPER........

SKATEBOARDS came up to bellingham yesterday.  It was a super fun time and everyone who wasn't hurt was rippin.  The Crew in attendence included; jaime weller, ian, chris, peter, POD, binger, zorro, cam, jihad, and brick, with tortillas seamus, al, the human weed leaf, and the ginger bringing the local heat.  The Usurpians brought a bunch of dogs for the grill and handed out sum shurtz to the minions.  Super fun day and a skate company doin it right.  All up in the mix mash with the durts.  As far as Bellingham goes, you can buy a USURPER deck down at the unknown kids.  Skip a Creature or Baker deck next time and remember who put that free weiner in yer mouth at the park last saturday.

Here are sum photos i snapped from the day.  I'll get around to a video edit soon, but right i'm now homeless, so the edit box is in storage.


Jaime Weller, leader of the usurper army

Jaime would backside tailslide the JB every time.

Original corndog and Usurpian, Cam Barrett!

Ian Mcmartin was hurt.  It was my first time meeting him.  Radicool human.

Peter Peter

Chris Cope must have done 50 of these sad plants.  He was apparently trying to do the re-entry tail bash thing and wasn't satisfied with these outcomes.  Hmmmm.  Must be nice having that one on redial.

Another angle of a messup.

thanks for comin up and hanging fellas.