just got this email from the one and only......

seems between completely annihilating 15 foot drops and el toro ryan found a little r and r time with sum ladies and his fresh ink.  thanx for reppin and the email bro.  see you soon.


have you ever been to a gwar show??  hands down the most entertaining, rock n rolla, sweat, blood, semen, puz, vaginal emission ridden show you will ever see.  I remember seeing them at the showbox maybe 8 years ago.  I spent the night in seattle after the show for obvious reasons.  The next morning i headed to bellingham and went straight to the skatepark to try and roll and clear my head a whole lot before i had to be at werk in a hour or two.  I had my werk clothes with me (bartending at the time) so i changed at the park and went straight to werk, only to arrive to the strangest, most perplexed looks.  Once eventually hitting the john and glancing in mirror, i realized, i had sweat out of pores and hair all the previously listed emmisions gwar had saturated me with the night before, during my skate session.  i looked a lot like the kid in picture number three, only with a button up shurt on.  Don't miss a gwar show.

all photos by Sam McGuire.

all photos taken from a gwar show.

all photos to rad to not poach and post.


jimmy jihad.....

todays photo goes to all around good guy and personal good friend of mine james denton aka jihad.  dude rips, is almost always down for giving my photo nerd suggestions a whirl and has always had my back no matter what.  hears to you buddy.  you told me you were a little bummed when brick got the killer pink seagull ad so here ya go.  no pink gullz, but there is a red azz healer.  yeh buddy.



and sorry. still using a flip phone....

so we havn't reached instagram status but we are rolling strong on the facebook front.  if your too lazu head over to the site and wast to just know when sumptin new is up, like the page.  pretty easy foo.

our facebook brosef

the gingerturd hasn't.......

graced the pages of the torillas as one of my photos for a bit so today he gets it.  a proper pointer while the neighborhood rat looks on.  They really are little shits in the area of town.

along those lines i may as well post another, yes another Cam Barrett part outta portland.,  Man seeing these edits really makes me realize i need to upload cams part from my video which still isn't finished.  i mean my footage is old but none of these edits are doing much to make me feel as though my old crusty clips are getting outdated.  maybe cams not getting any better. (yeah right) (pretty sweet) (fully flared).   anyways, always rad to see new cambot stuffz.



todays photo........

is of father and teacher extrordanair, ryan williams.  This was our first time to the new Oak Harbor park 2 years ago, which lies on military housing.  The park is so so good.  For any of you that havn't made it up, put it on yer list of "to skates".  The old park, right down the road is great to.  can't really lose.  It's just off the path to your way to Orcas, so put it on this summers skate map.

Dowdy from typical culture just sent me a link to a video he and hes budz are werking on.  Looks like a good one.  hitten the road with yer friends, no real agenda.  always turns out the best.  be on the lookout for this one soon.



seattle trippin.......

heres a photo recap of my time in seattle a couple weekends ago.  The weekend was rad and very productive photo and video wise.  I will have some video up in the next few days.  Brick and Chris killed it.  Thanks fellas.  Unfortunately there isn't much action in this post as the photos i got are to rad to post just yet.  hopefully make sumptin happen with one of them in particular.  Time will tell.  Anyways hoping to make seattle my home soon.  I'm looking for werk down there, so if anyone reads this and has any line ups get at me.  much appreciated.  have a killer day.

its pretty nice having yer home anywhere you are.

chris cope and brick strait.

new construction under the bridge.

chris got a rad trick here.

 so did brick

i really like this whole series of photos from this spot.  highly illegal mission.  highly consequential  spot.  brought the adrenalin and fun back to shooting skateboarding.  i like fotos that conjure up a story of the photo in the viewers eyes.  thats the point in my opinion.


its a long ways down. 

spot prep.  what went down?

board went over.  thankfully not a human.

and this spot.  not easy.

happy thanksgiving everyone.  hope you all are enjoying some tasty food and good beverage with good company.



meet the stans.........

the new girl/chocolate video has premiered  and i believe it releases to the masses early next week.  If you here anyone asking about if they have seen it or how it is, you will inevitably hear the o so uncleaver and o so played out answer of, "pretty sweet".  God.  i think i personally have heard that a handful of ten times.  kapow................. brains on the linoleum.   This is not to say im not excited to see the film, because of course i am.  some of my favorite legends and newgromers, the dude who put cinematatic skateboard filming on the map and a budget that could leave you and I and all our buddies sipping mojitos in indonesia for the next 5 years......It's gonna be all it's hyped up to be that it fur certain.  I will always be a bigger fan of the little guy however.  I stumbled across this video today and its amazing.  A group of friends pioneering relatively uncharted skate territory and not the safest of lands to be traveling to say the least.  Meet The Stans is werth every 30 minutes of yer time.  it doesn't have Guy Mariano halfcab nosegrinding a ledge to nollielazer flip late flip out but it does have a group of guys, sum train rides, sum machine guns, a dirt to wall ride and the STANS.  Check this one out.

Visualtraveling - Meet The Stans from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.


as the buzz of.........

ski area across washington state hummz through the air, some are stranded without the money or means to lap the luxury of moving chairs up and down the peaks of the cascades.  Cam takes matters into his own bootz and binderz and gets urban along the tracks while shakas and high fives abound 4000 ft above.  booya-ka-sha!



photo time.......

heres one i shot maybe 5 years ago now.  when i was in seattle last weekend i metioned this spot and really wanted to hit it up again.  super fun.  hard to skate.  bank to jersey.  Cam Barret frunt rocks the fed ex warehouse for fun.




is one of my favorites for sure.  one hell of a cell phone part.



new ad!!!!

for absolutely nothing except my own blog.  brick getting comfy among his feathered friends.


seattle may be my new home......

sum things have been a brewing down in seattle. be on the lookout for a full photo post and a little video soon. been getting those photos and finding those spots you always strive to stumble upon. Chris Cope and Brick Strait have been ripping amidst the rain and gloom of the pacific northwest. Bellingham........ I think its time for us to part ways. Things actually happen down here. motivational peepz. Tons of spots....... rekindling the fire.



VAL KILMER........

for the tortilla.......

thanks buddy.


super tiny mini edit......

skating in the northwest can be a chore during these months.  luckily there are people smart enough and fortunate enough to have spaces to create things to ride during the harsh winter season.  Heres one such spot in bellingham.  fun mini and even mini-er pyramid/box setup.  The Ginger, Seamus and al last tuesday hiding out indoors.


brian lotti.......

was one of my favorite skateboarders when i was a kid.  his foot hasn't left the door.  even better.  he's documenting the scene thru his eyes and as far as i'm concerned, those are sum pretty good peepers.  looking forward to more projects from him.  here's sumptin he just put together.



anti hero......

has a sick new line of decks.....  Why am i posting skateboard company product photos.  blame it on my eleventh cup of coffee.

the restaurant names do have me laughing amidst my hyper-jitterish coffee meltdown.


in an effort......

to start posting more of the photos i have clogging up my hardrive, i sat here enjoying my cup of coffee trying to come up with some clever title.  "phun photo friday", "fallback photo friday"?   boy those are dumb.  everyone has some clever name coninciding there big internet event and it's correlation to the day of the week.  i how ever think to add another uncreative spin on weekday werds is going to be a waste of time.  Therefore, it's going to be titleless and on whichever day of the week my thinker decides to post one.  so here you to.  " _______ friday"  woo hoo. 

ryan williams.  backside alley oop.  Arlington, WA,
tri-x 400, shot on my good ol trusty canon AE-1



so im back on board........

haven't been able to do any editing as my desktop is in storage and i didn't have final cut installed on my laptop.  thats all taken care of now, so expect more edits in the near future as long as the homies keep producing and i keep on the road.  hit me up fellas.  lets get clippy.  can't let the rain keep us under.

here is a minute of footage from 20 minutes of filming, from my day at sedro woolley last friday.  Ryan Williams, SPECKS, john 0 (i know im spelling it wrong, if yer out there correct me man) and Keegan Brown explore the curves and banks of washingtons freshest concrete.



i woke up friday.......

and the sun was shining bright.  I had plans already on heading to the olympic pennisula for the weekend regardless of the weather to visit my folks, but the sunny bonus meant i would be able to squeeze sum skating in along the journey.  So thats just what i did, and Sedro Wooley was the spot stop along my journey towards the coast.  I carted little keegan along with me and was lucky enough to catch captain booyah with a little free time in between a newborn and his teaching job.  Once we got there, a bunch of other Bellingham homies were already skating.  the park is dope.  I made a couple new friends, one of whichs name was jono (although its spelled geneo, or sumpting like that) who was ripping and will have sum tricks in the upcoming edit.  Specks was there as well and was annihilating the flat bar across the pyramid so be on the lookout for him as well as soon as soon as i log the footage.  Anyways here are a few photos to tied you over till the moving pictures are up.

while i was drinking coffee at the grocery store that morning there was a rat, dead in the parking lot.  a few minutes later, sum crows had swooped in and started ripping the rodent to shredz.

specks is really consistent.  nollie crooked grind.

specks, frunt feeble

captain booya (ryan williams) stands up on the simulated rock wall.  this is rad.

my friend matt edgars lives above ediz hook in port angeles.  i woke up here sunday morning after a extra hour of sleep thanks to the farmers.  nice view.

i'm heading back out to the pennisula this weekend.  really love it out there.  gonna get on the ol wetsuit and give the surf a try for the first time in 6 or 7 years this weekend.  looking forward to it.



whats up seattle?........

comin for a visit soon......

jimmy jihad a few years back on that one crusty hip under the bridge.



jake darwen...........

everyone is a photographer these days.  In all honesty, most of the content spewing out of these 49.2 megapixel cameras is boring, lacks imagination and has the subject matter and composition of the other 2 million people taking skateboard photographs.  I just stumbled across a few photos by jake darwen and i like them.

along those lines, here is a rad little short with SBC staff photog ryan allen about keeping things fresh, original and just doing things how you want to do them.

Artist Profile: Ryan Allan from SBC Skateboard on Vimeo.