so van life has been interesting.......

a lot of driving up and down the 5'er or across Whidbey Island out the olympic pennisula, which is where i would technically call home these daze.  Between all the driving however i have been making sure to ketchup with different friends and try and deal with what mother nature drops on our heads.  Just last weekend, Jihad, john erickson, eric green and i hit four different parks, getting in about fifteen minutes at each before things were tracking.  we just keep running south but nature followed.  O well, were washingtonians and were use to that.  Along those lines, here is a gaggle of photos ive snapped over the last couple weekends at various spots with various friends.  Hope to run into you soon out and about.  Seattle homies hit me up.  I been in the city at least a couple daze a week.  lets skate and get clippy.


first and formost.  Jihad out on the olympic pennisula at mervin manufacturing.  The kind fellas that bring you gnu and lib tech snowsliders.

Lib Technologies mascot, Poly taking a break from headshot photoshoots to explode the volcano.

Marginal Way one friday evening.

pretty standard affair at any under the bridge establishment.

The new Sedro Wooley skatpark another day.  Please do yourself a favor and go here.  you will love it.  There is even a live webcam, so you can check the weather before taking the chance of heading up during the winter months.  You can even see if you pals are there.

check before you drive

the homie Trevor gets his smith on.

Trevors pal whos name has slipped my mind was ripping.  feeble thru the corner.

There will be sum video to accompany the photo below soon.  This was the day Eric Green, John Erickson, Jimbo Jihad and I ran away from the rain all day.  A second of or fifteen minutes at Dahl Park before the rain encroached.

back at Sedro Wooley.  Seamus O' Connor.

Then a trip with Brick to Delridge another day.  This was the first time i attempted skating after 3 months of foot-i-tus.  I walked to the top of the bank wall, dropped in and pilled into the flat.  Locals musta loved that one.  My body sure didn't.

Brick gets his back smith going.

backside snap

he's got em good.

a rad spot.  highly recommended.

this back noseblunt was radical.  and thanks scooter kid for helping make the photo.

well there you go.  a small glimpse into my werld as of late.  Happy to be posting sum original content and pictures i took again.  Hit me up fellas.  Like i said,  Ive been in the city at least once a week and would love to go skate/shoot................



the BlackMarket skateshop......

crew left for a roadtrip down to AZ last friday.  I was there to send them off.  It was actually a completely depressing hour.  Watching yer friends gear up, get excited, cram into a van full of gear and humans of which it isn't really big enough.  You know the scenario.  Every skaters been there and theres really nothing like the feeling.  The big wide open road ahead with a rad crew of fellas.  no agenda, minimal rules, and a lot of skateboarding and meeting new people.  Hardest part for me on this scenario besides missing all the above mentioned, was that i really had nothing keeping me from going except funds (which doesn't need to be much).  Seriously.  No job, no gurlfriend, no dog.  Nothing.  First time thats been the case and it sucked. whoa is me.  play a mini-violin already will ya?

Motley Crue.  Dane, Brice, Moondoggy, King Kyle, James, Richie Mon and Ellis.

This is the pose i got when i asked for the happy homie picture after the above snapped photo.  idiots.  wheres the bromance?

"hey kyle how much do i sell the pro decks for again?"

brice got mad at my addition.  chill bro.  you don't werk for that company no more.  you werk for mine.

sum people packed normal

while others like dane, brought their own rubbermaids full of snacks.  you new best friend on the trip.

pack em in.  even the tranny dudes need new boards now and again.

 everyone was running around grabbing boards/shoes and shit.  Brick sets up sum new loaves.

uhh oooo.  you know richie mon ain't gonna relay on sum AZ bammer.

skittleeeee-oooooo-oooo-o.  jah rastafari.

brice is hard.

peace out shington.



sum shit......

from that chinese side of me.  well sum shit that my full chinese cousin sent me. 

The Introduction of 2013 Year of Snake
2013 is the year of the black Snake begins on February 10th shortly after the New moon in Aquarius, the humanitarian of the zodiac. This 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create. The Snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs. It is the enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animals Signs. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.


well the dudes on the blackmarket roadtrip certainly aren't starving.  at least not dane.  this was his personal snack bin he crammed into the already crammed van.



yers truly went blonde.......

this is really happening

toss it round.  feel the vibe. 

time to put it out there.


skate castle.......

not sure where this is but dang.  never seen this before which suprises me.  pretty craze.


uhh oooo...

somebody went and did one of these skateboard themed ripoffs again.  Always entertaining.  Once.

its insanely nice out today.  Get out there and get sum.  I'm in the city so if any of you homies read this, and wanna get a tortilla edit goin hit me up.  lets do this.


heres a little moving pictures......

to accompany the last post from my saturday in the city hanging with Brick.  We met up with Willis at Blackmarket skateshop and sessioned the jb out frunt then took it to beacon hill late that night, where it was cold as cold can be.  I ended up in my van after about a hour, heater cranked, watching the Jerey Shore.

haters gonna hate.  sam and ronnie are complete idiots.



a one block radius.

plus a session at beacon.  Video tommorow.

gotta log and edit.  back on the pennisula for now.


best seat in the house........

watchin the bowl in the pipe.  dusted.

cam barrett.  ferdale, WA. 2005.