marginal and delridge today.......

brick gets comfy.  more photos when im done enjoying the eve.

fruntside nosegrind.


return of the fun police #2.......

out doin the boards again in the big city today. lucky for us we ran into the good ol fun police again. still protecting the city day by day.....then these folks ran by carrying large iguanas around their necks.  it was a good day. 



fat tennis players and big hubbas......

yesterday we did sum spot recon and skated gaswerks.  Man there is spots all over this city.

started the day off here.  this bench somehow is no longer level.  things a roller coaster.


ben core.  fifty fifty, fruntside pop shuvit out.

found this thing.  it is totally a go.  who wants sum?

this as well.  c'mon fellas.  it's calling.

chirp chirp.




this spot in portugal looks amazing

and a rad edit in the northwest from a fella outta vancity.  good stuff.

still working on the edit.  so much junk to go through this time.  got way to far behind.  heres sum pics in the meantime.  gosh that band HELMET was bad.

one of those spots that appears one day and is gone the next.  ryan williams.  Bellingham, WA. 2008

sick crew.

sorry moon.  your hair is to good in this pic to not show the werld.

not sure but pretty darn rad.




cramin out the edits for yer enjoyment...........

chris cope goes ceiling bash, while stella gives darla's turd cutter a whiff......


the bridge to nowhere....

as skateboarders you get used to being discarded by folks and generally ignored (generally for the better) by society as a whole. today we met martin, a metalhead transplant from barcelona spain. this homie throughout the session, continuously bellowed out metal hymms, offered up adult beverages and kept handing out his stash of the moon cabbage. fellow was a unique individual and most certainly added to the rad of the day. good times today fellas.



the good ol fun police

got a little behind down here in the city.  been logging footage for the last 3 hours.  have a little edit up shortly.  in the meantime here's a little tease of whats been goin down.




a wee little jihad.  baby faced, alphanuemeric and all, just stoked hangin with a tranny named chris.

while our pal, Mr. Bolyard gets all holy war over in Isreal.  Yeah Sage!

i'd crazy eye.  i'd be scraed of him on the battlefield.

one time at the bellingham park maybe ten years ago, a kid showed up with freshly tatted Volcom Stones on each shoulder.  real, real big stones.  These two are probably bros.

its saturday.  Kyle's birthday.  have one for the homies.



times in the city........

was out with bencore, brick and CEO yesterday.  Delridge park, sodo bank to ledge, daewon cheeze wedge, and alki s and up ledge spots were on the set.  Hit up the bridge today as the water began to trinkle from the moon.  plans to go to the jungle tommorow.   hyped.  heres a glimpse from my still shooter.  a mini edit from the last two days later tonight/tommorow.

ben corey is a rad human being.  humble and beholder of a unique and stylish bag o moves.  great hangin with cha benjamin.

brick didn't land this K, but it was rad nonetheless.  not the ledge.

CEO  barged this 50-50 up the rail instead of the spots normal use.

then undercover.  always nice taken pictures under dem overpassings.  high contrast and neat colors.

mooney, jihad and stella.

ellis puts down the R and R for a sec for this transfer ollie.



rub it..........

had a old fashion walk about skate mission today.  no petro rollin.  just trekin from A to B with brick and ryan, fueled on coffee and coffee.  thats how the spots really do appear....

as we rubbed a ledge, a couple future fun folks took interest in our happenings.

this guy is already gettin after it at the age of wee, with a little instruction from brick.

more natural than robert redferd.

just watch how the big dolphins rub.

with fun often times comes pain.  brick left skin on the rubble.

first spot of the day posted last.  quite a few options at this place i found while walking lord sidius about the day before.  there was a random headless fully dressed manaquin laying on top  of a electrical box hanging with the son of god in the adjacent courtyard.