certified piles.......

so a few posts ago i highlighted the new Port Orchard park.  A lot of the viewers on here probably don't remember but a few of you probably do.  Back in the day there was a park in port orchard that consisted of steel and wood ramps and ya know what?  it was pretty fun (what isn't really).  anyways, i was lookin for photos of that park to include in the post and came across a few random gems and thought id share them, along with a new shurt and stickers ima print up.  It was hot out there today.  guess it's suppose to continue and just get warmer for the next week or so.  The Usurper buds are showing up to our house and seattle any minute now so be on the lookout for sum coverage of their times in the emerald city.  jep.



and this thing actually looks like it would suck.

new stickers/and maybe shurtz.



happy birthday Brick!!!.....

so my good friend and yer good friend, Mr. Brick Strait's birthday is today.  Unfortunately he is out in his homelands of port angeles washington, repairing the one elevator on the olympic pennisula, so there will be no burthday skate or celebrations of his birth with his presence.  anyway, next time you see him wish him well and buy him sumptin he likes.  gummy candies are a go.

this is a set of photos from a mission we took a few weeks ago.  We actually got a amazing photo that day.  One of my favorites ive gotten in quite sum time.  hopefully it will pop up sum where cool here eventually.  Anyways, here are sum randoms from that day with myself, brick and benjamin corey.

this is right after brick landed his move and we had bagged a photo.  are you stoked brick??

o yeah!!!  that's better.

warm up ollie.

sumtimes while getting you focus sharp, you end up with neat portraits.

 focus time once again.

looks like a painting. slug shutter jargon.  ollie wallride.

happy birthday ameego.



new concrete.................

washington states newest skatepark is officially open.  this saturday the city of Port Orchard gave the  green light and the park was christened with a whole bunch of people.  Get there.


part owner of Sausage Skateboards, Todd Lown cracks one amidst the frenzy.

photos: Micah Shapiro




so yeh, yeh......

today was go skateboarding day, and it's 8:00 p.m and i still havn't ridden my board.  Kinda seems pointless though as i go skateboading 6.5 days outta every week as it is.  It's like having a go take a dump day.  We however had a day that does deserve its own "day".  Go play horsehoes, smash pinatas and eat mexican food day.  Now thats something we don't do very often and should make a point to set a little time aside for.  It also was our new rad roomate Carlys birthday which inspired all the rad that occured.

testing out the recoil action on the unicorn.

carly attacks.  this is the recoil of her first swing which although, wasn't that close to me, felt kinda close, when a young lady is blindfolded and just spun 20 rotations with her noggin on a baseball bat.

she decapated the unicorn, so i was nominated to try and finish er off.

richie and jayden

Kia and Darla.

hope to see you next year at goplayhorshoessmashpinatasandeatmexicanfood day!!




there was a video premier yesterday of the new skatemafia/sweet video at marginal way.  I'm not big on those type of events.  that being said, as soon as we showed up at the park i headed across the street to take another look at the massive bump to bar i got jihad to ollie sum years back.  Brick came along and the next thing you know, were pushing out a uphill dumpster and stabalizing the wheels.  A couple minutes later Alex came over from the park to join in the fun.  good work boys. 

heres the original jihad photo i took years ago.  It took a little convincing, but ol jimbo came through with flying colors.



alex didn't quite land this boardslide popover.  I wouldn't have wanted to shoot it from this angle anyways, but i was already positioned here for bricks move.  If he woulda landed it, it woulda been "that was sick man! but my anglidge sucks". 

Both the dudes got photos.  Keep an eye out for em.



so good friend of the tortilla......

mr. ben corey has got a new board company up and running called fucko

Ben shot this photo a couple weeks ago of brick boardsliding this dumpster.  you can see my hat in the bottom of the picture.  the footage will be in the upcoming edit.

fucko skateboards....


S-Dog deluxe...........

talked to scotty yesterday.  He had just returned from isreal where he just finished a skatepark.  Was back in the states for a few and was leaving for Houston today......Dang.  the werkin man.  He said he be there for a couple months as it was biggest park in the U.S of A.  Well dang.  looking forward to catching up with ya when you return.

dirty dudes.

holy moly.  i'm not sure how close this will be to the completed project but wowzas.


mr. niebuhr.........

brice is the ultimate.  thats right, not dude, not guy, not fella.  Just the ultimate.  Sir Niebuhr crushes alll thats layed in frunt.

safety first.

"nevermind, lets get a rip"!

Brice, one hour, through the eyes of one pair of specs.  Mr. pycho/sensitive skate himself.

what?  you didn't know he rolled like this?



return of the fun police #3

Brick, Richie Mon and myself just went up the street to try and shoot a couple things Brick already did the other night while we were just on a beverage run.  before we were even set up, before brick had even stretched his olliers, the gosh darn fun police shut down our harmless fun.  way to go.......  you win for now.  think we won't be back.... tommorow.

warmin er with a ollie.  hadn't even got situated and a o so pleasent women harshed the mell.



california.  when is enough enough?  bet the fisheye go pro footage is pure gold on this one.

a good mall grab.




was just talkin bout our good friend Mr. Cam Barrett.  Heres one that was in my typical culture interview a few years back.  Cam is the best.


so i returned from.....

the San Francisco bay area late late last night.  i had a radical time for sure.  the weather was a nice change, as was the general scenario as a whole.  gotta say.  i'm very happy to be home though.  i'm a washington kid, born and raised and nothing compares.  After returning home i picked up right where i left off.  We went to the new Roxhill skatepark today.  Hadn't been there yet and dang it was fun.  Pretty much empty for the first couple hours we were there and even when it started to pick up the park holds peepz pretty darn well.  It ain't like Dahl.  Anyways, i'm super hyped to be back in the great northern lands.  see ya soon.

standard issue

Brick and I filmed sum fun stuff.  I'll try and post that soon, but until then.......  Uphill.

Tony Besabe was doin back tails for beers.  He politely obliged a request for a kickflip backtail in 3 tries as well.  Nice guy.  Nice to meet you.

This is Bricks brother Skyler.  He has just stepped back on board after a good 7 years off.  Good to have you back Snacks!

workin on that stamina still.



down by tbe bay..........

so i made it to S.F.  i cant say the trip was especially pleseant however.  after getting a ride to the airport, i showed up  only to find out my early arrival was going to be even longer.  1.5 hour flight delay.  starting off well.  finally boarding time.  whats up with southwest airlines anyways.  this was my first experience.  your boarding passes don't even have seat numbers.  they just file you in like catttle in brackets of A B and C.  I was of course C so we were the last on.  As i boarded the plane i saw a sea of disgruntled "you best not sit by me" faces and  nothing but middle row seats.  Hmmmm.  the old couple arguing, the two dickhead men, the fat sweaty man and his fat sweaty wife?  o wait the two pretty girls.  bingo.  flight on.  after that turn of events the rest of the trip was of.

and so begins my adventure in the bay area.  wish my fun.