it's xmas time.

alex YO johnson.  photo=?

jamie weller at one of the many spots he has created.  p-town.  photo= brendan klein.



been a major lack......

of original content.  i promise i got sumptin a brewin.  in the meantime here is sum more greatness outta the north.  Brad has been shreding for so long and this new part gets me pumped.


canadians in oregon.......

park footage.  i love oregon.



swiss banks......

wow.  filmed entirely the alps.  some of the coolest spots visually iv'e ever seen.  the wall ride spot with the curved up cement sections.....  All of them really.  Watch this if you like nature and appreciate filming and compostion.

Swiss Banks - Carhartt WIP X Antiz explore the Alps with Sylvain Tognelli, Dominik Dietrich and more. a Skateboarding video by kingpin


best video of the year.......

ben gore and leo valls get so rad on the woops and doops in S.F.  The skating is one thing, the filming is another. 



first time editing......

i made this video 8 or so years ago.  I was asked to do it as i was friends with the folks at Mervin Manufacturing and had filmed about half of the footage used in the movie.  I just found it on the internet and it's a funny flashback.  A ryan williams part!  A mason huggins and buster halterman part!  Dirty Dan footage and a Brad Cromer part????!  Boy i didn't have a clue what i was doing editing this thing.  The folks at Mervin sent me a copy of final cut express to get the job done.  I just tried to line up the music and skating i guess.   Good times and good memories.

More Skateboarding Videos

I still have all of Brad's raw footage tapes with a bunch of unused footage.  He's gonna have a part in my video.  Yes!  Bet he will be hyped.




sam and max....

two of seattles most original rollaz.

from Storm 2.  A new video out now which also has josh and pats part in it.  haven't seen it but from the looks of it.