i just learned what TBT meant.

i feel so up to date LOL.

Sam cole, skating a bar years ago that noone ever has really skated.


when i shot this fifty, i thought the krook was kooler at the time.  now im older and greyer.  backside all for the winner.  yeah sam!



my 6x6......

camera has been in storage for over a year.  Cant wait to get it back and shoot sum 120 film.  Nothing compares to the color saturation and sharpness of that analog beast.  Here's a oldie of the gingerturd at the crapditch with the good ol trusty medium formulater.

charlie krieg, backsmith, bellingham, WA.


rad to watch......

this one is one of the more unique takes on a skateboard vid i have seen.



i often......

stumble across photos i have taken on peoples websites and blogs and such.  They found them one place or another, not really sure, but it's always cool.  Found this one today.  It's from about 7 or so years ago of good ol capitano at the coal pad.





to have a photo published in the new issue of Color Magazine.  No other publication i'd rather have a photo in.

Chris Cope, Seattle, WA.


oly penn.......

sorry for a lack of content.  moved away from the city quite awhile ago to help take care of my dad.  Most certainly a lack of skate goin on out here, so feel free to spread yer wings and make a trip to visit.  theres stuff to skate.  indoor and out.  With all the free time i got myself a new sidekick.  Nothing can compare to the mr., but Coda is pretty darn radical.  video edit in the werks.


this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  forgot about it as i grew up out here.  Surfs been good, so if yer into to that yer stoked.  This is the Elwha river mouth.  the state opened up a very old dam a couple years ago and now a new black sand beach sits where river rock once lay from all the sediments escaping that were once trapped behind the concrete structure.  so rad.