more photos i printed up in the darkroom in the darkages.

Cam Barrett, Bellingham Wa.




a few photos ive snapped thoughout the years......

this is bellinghams only dry spot really.  smooth ground and a double sided yellow slappy curb.

the gingerturd

i miss both these dudes.  Cam and Mr. P, the greatest dog to ever pee on a tree.

This is Mike.  He showed up vagabond style in Bellingham one summer.  I gave him a couch naturally, but when it was time for him to leave....  The coalpad, Glacier Washington, channel ollie from deck.

we all know this drill.

and this feeling.

Shooting photos at skateparks is dull, but every now and again a new angle or new dude makes it alright.  Jihad, Bellingham Washington.

Best Dude.  Leon sporting a hand drawn Meat shurt by yers truly.  Miss this guy as well.

Most people in the northwest know Matt French.  He's an eclectic fellow who likes to make his presence know.  Matt thoughout the years,  was always trying to get me to go shoot or film him.  Thing is, bonelesses are his thing and that's always what he had to document.   When I agreed to go out with him again, I brought him to this spot i had scoped and he did his thing.  I was hyped we got a "new" boneless photo.

this day was fun.  Warm summery sun.  I had brought this mask i had picked up at a garage sale and the homies were filmin lines with it on.

Sam Cole is one the most gifted dudes on a board.  Lipslide, Bellingham Washington.

This is a Cross Processed shot of Ryan Williams shot on ten year old film, thus the pink hue.  Ryan just has them like this.  Arlington Washington.

Another shot of Ryan.  I did the solarizing in the darkroom (no photoshop), although there is probably a button you can push to make it look like this these daze.  Bellingham Washington.

stencil time

Mr. P was the best dog a dude could ever wish for.  He don't like it when you step to his kibbles.


nest of juniper......

where coda lurks......



chris senn is one of my all time favorites.

its not a surprise his son anikin rips so hard.  this is the new park in Eugene, Dreamland just finished as well.  Looks great.

it other video news a dude lights himself on fire.....



1978 Redmond WA.....

Rob Skala.  you will still see this bro rippen at the park.





shot this over a year ago.  Miss this dude.  Come out and skate this thing again with me.  All of you.

Jihad and the olympics.



and i thought dudes that were into sniffing panties were strange.....

check it here via Jenkem.


born slippy.......

was just put up on the tube in it's entirety.  A video outta Olympia, Washington by
Alex Cooper, this one rules.  PeepPeep.

you can purchase a copy here , so go support indy dudes documenting what they do.

and here's a interview with Alex about his creation and it's inspiration.