park n ride....

when i broke my collarbone quite some moons ago i was bored.  so bored.  One night after many beers i did what so many do these days, make something to skate.  It started by grabbing a bucket or two of discarded piles of asphalt along the roadside, eventually turning into acquiring bags of mud and learning to work the concrete.  I'm not going to go into some rant about the D.I.Y. ethos, like so many do.  You already know.  As far as i know the spots still there.  Hope people are skating it.  If you live in the Vancouver area, stop by on your way south.  Its right of one of the fairhaven/chuckanut exits in bellingham.  You can see the spot from Interstate 5.

the gingerturd to fakie.

always fun watching barrier clips.  anyone know the origination of the "Jersey"?



sausage party......

the homies at sausage skateboards put out this little promo "broadcasting from Tokyo".  All VX footage from around seattle with handrawn titles by the dood and co-creator Jessee Brown.




Justin Hagers play on famous folks with word association are incredible.  The simplicity is refreshing in a day of overcooked works.  Here are just a few i'd like to hang on my wall......

check out more of his work .



cinco de margo......

is today under the bridge in Seattle, after party at the 2-Bit Saloon.

and a photo of Ben Gore from the web.....