i spent 14 long years in Bellingham.  I skated from the day i moved up there and explored it's in and outs to the fullest.  At least i thought.  This part is insane, not in just the tricks, but more so the spots.  Like all northwest spots, they are crust, but the furthur up you go.....  No one ever has skated 90% of the stuff in this edit and no one ever will.  In fact you wouldn't even see it as a spot.




cruising with Blair and Lester.  A few days ago.

digital blair.......

will never look as good as film blair.

the above and remaining photos shot on yaschicaT4 or CanonAE1.

more pics from this day soon.



online parts....

are immediate gratification.  We all enjoy seeing them but like so many before, i will forget this one within a week.  So while posting it here isn't cementing it into a hard copy format, I will a few years from now, browse the archives and watch Phil Zwijsen destroy everything in his path.



lost angeles......

Lost Angeles.

Situated in Freetown Christiania, Wonderland is the result of an autonomous community, disenfranchised with the mundane culture of modern society. A place for the disillusioned youth of Copenhagen to escape and forge their own traditions.
Desillusion Magazine presents ‘Lost Angeles’, an insight into one of the rarest independent skate spots on the planet.

-VIA desillusion